Toolbox Download Audio/Video 'no audio found in the file' error

Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox for Windows' started by MatthewR12, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. MatthewR12

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    I recently purchased your Toolbox product and have been using it to pull audio/video from Youtube, and up until today it had absolutely no faults whatsoever.

    Today however it's started telling me there's no audio found in the file on Every Youtube link I try in it (not just 1 in specific, all, across the board, no matter the quality or length)

    I've updated it (as there was an update), re-checked the Updates to allow the library to update (in case that was the problem), uninstalled, reinstalled - everything you can think of as a regular next step to do - but it's still not finding any audio in any Youtube video/link at all.

    Is this a known error of late ? I read that some sites change their API to try counteract audio/video downloads, it just seemed a bit out of the blue and thought I should A. Let you guys know, and B. ask for help (in case it is a known error already/or may be affecting other users too)

    Thank you for any help at all with this. Getting a little frustrated with it.
  2. Hi MatthewR12. We have released a new update for Parallels Toolbox. Please update the product to the latest build and check if it works.
  3. Kevin42

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    Download audio no working on youtube by version 3.9
  4. TomC11

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    Thank you so much. I thought of asking about new update on Feb because of some personal problem I didn't. Just now came to know about new update for parallels toolbox.

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