Toolbox license key is not valid anymore

Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox for Mac' started by AndreasR12, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. AndreasR12

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    Report ID 278080056
    Parallels Toolbox Version 2.6.1 (1620)

    I am using Parallels Toolbox on my Mac with Parallels 12.
    Maybe after updating to Mac OS Mojave it is not possible to use the Toolbox, the license key is not valid for the installed version of the Toolbox.
    Your support is kindly appreciated.
    Many thanks!
  2. sergk

    sergk Parallels Developers

    Parallels Desktop 12 allows you to use only older version of Parallels Toolbox.
    Try to install this one and activate it using Parallels Desktop 12 activation key.

    You have two choices to use latest version of Parallels Toolbox:
    - Update Parallels Desktop to version 13 or 14.
    - Purchase subscription to Parallels Toolbox.
  3. Andrea246A

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    I have a similar problem, except I did not request/approve an upgrade. The upgrade was self initialized. On completion I no longer have valid license. I was also provided an URL to a no longer valid page in order to downgrade. How to downgrade? And how to avoid this problem again after downgrade?
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