Tools Center CPU usage is constantly too high

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by eismann, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. eismann

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    I've migrated my Vista 32bit from a Toshiba Notebook to my MacBook Pro.
    Vista runs fine, but it is too slow. Parallels Tools Center has an average amount of more than 50% CPU usage.

    Does anyone have an idea?
    I'm using a MacBook pro 2,4GHz with 4 GB RAM.

    thanks in advance
  2. scot

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    Mine isn't at 50%, but more 10-20% and I think that is still too high.

    Why is it taking up any cpu time? Should it use more/less in the different view modes?
  3. eismann

    eismann Bit poster

    worse experience

    That's really bad.
    It's impossible to work with the virtaul machine, as well as with OSX, because Parallels is consuming 100% CPU in MAC OSX.
    The Graphical experience is really bad. I turned my Vista into Windows Standard theme, because even Vista basic had a bad experience. But, also Standard (very basic) is really bad.
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  4. Mike@Parallels

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    How much memory do you allocate to Vista VM?

    Try to disable DirectX support in Configuration - Video.

    Please provide me with additional information about your Mac OS X, version of Parallels (build number), version of Vista , your virtual machine size.
  5. eismann

    eismann Bit poster

    Hi, disabling DirectX made it better, however, windows Vista (enterprie) is still slow.
    Here are my details:
    - MacBook Pro 2,4 GHz ,4GB RAM, 160GB HDD 5400rpm, OS X 10.4.10
    - Parallels 3.0 Build 4560
    - Windows Vista Enterprise english
    - associated 1500 MB
    - 64 MB video
    - 32 GB HDD

    I think that the video memory is toooo low.

    When I switch into coherence mode, vista doesn't show the mouse icon if it is in the "virtual" not shown windows background. I'm using a Microsoft presenter 8000 bluetooth mouse. It works fine as well in OSX as in Vista.

    I'm startin to dislike parallels because it doesn't work performant. I just wanted to use vista for the new Office 2007.
  6. tgilber

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    I found this to be the case today as well. I haven't noticed it before, but today, while using Flex Builder 2.0 (which is Eclipse which is running on Java, so basically Java) I found that Parallels Tools Center was using upwards of 70%+ CPU time (looked to be basically using all idle time). I only had a single app up and running under Windows XP, Parallels 3.0 (whatever the latest build is, not counting betas, the Check for Updates Now reports that I'm up-to-date). I've got a 2GB MacBookPro from June 2006 (first rev of the MBPs), whatever the top-of-the-line was (17", etc.). I've got 1GB allocated to XP. All I've got running under Mac is MAMP (Apache/PHP/MySQL on localhost) and Firefox.

    I've not really experienced this before, when trying to work in FlexBuilder, just typing, there was a ton of delay everytime I would change focus or click the mouse... the Java process was definitely being starved by Parallels.

    I hope this doesn't continue!
  7. fesrts

    fesrts Bit poster

    I had two WinXP images. One that was clone from the other. After upgradng to 5160, I noticed that the cloned image was running 100% CPU. From the TaskMgr, it was the ParallelToolCenter.exe.

    As it turns out, the first image do not have this problem. After reviewing what the difference, I find that this one settings - under the Shared Profile, turn off the Desktop as Desktop in Windows made all the differenace. The ParallelToolCenter.exe now is less than 2% and the overall WinXP is nice and quiet again. And because I am on MacBook, the fan don't scream its head off.

  8. connerat

    connerat Bit poster

    CPU is pegged at 105%

    I have a very similar problem as described here, which is that Parallels is unusable since it pegs my CPU at 105% (literally, that's what it says in the Activity Monitor application. I have a MBP 15" with 3 gigs of RAM, and this issue happens with no other apps open, with a fresh restart, and allocating all the RAM to Parallels. I haven't tried some of the suggestions yet, but this problem was present for me in 2.0. I just upgraded to 3.0 and installed the latest build (5160.), so for me, it hasn't been build-specific.

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