Total Crash with Safari 4 beta

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  1. I am trying Safari 4 beta for XP under Parallels.

    And it just so happened that a total crash occurred: the VM crash alongside with Mac OS, and the machine going directly into a reboot.

    Probably fair to say that it might not be Parallel's fault, and it just so remains a word of caution to any other Safari 4 beta tester.
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    I've been running Safari 4 in my XP VM with no such crashes - just for reference. Could this have been a one-off unrelated crash? Or maybe a particular site??
  3. It just happened the second time - straight to the heart with total crash.

    It seems to happen from the Top Site view (the thumbnail "quick dial"): double-click a site and then crash. It does not happen every time, but this now was the second time out of about 20-30, and since it is a total crash, it seems severe to me.
  4. Oh boi - third time - I no longer touch the XP version of Safari 4 beta - just clicked on one of the thumbnails of Top View and again disaster. This time no crash, but a frozen screen with a graphics jumbled up/distorted.
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  5. eread


    No problems here when launching my top sites from Safari in Windows XP under parallels.

    You'll have to narrow it down a bit. Version of Parallels? Have you got the January hotfix version of PD4 build 3810?

    How's your Windows XP normally? Are you boot camping and does this happen if you using Safari 4 in a boot camped environment instead?
  6. Yes, I use the latest build. I dont use Bootcamp. For Parallels support, the ID ticket is: ID 93 832

    Right now I can only point out that it happens very randomly. The function with the Top Sites worked fine most of the times, but nevertheless there have been these 3 crashes out of the 20-30 times of choosing a site from Top Sites.

    Since the last two crashes I have not touched Safari 4 under XP.
  7. SJR


    Safari 4 doesn't crash Parallels on my MacBook Pro, but it won't run!
    Safari 4 fails every time with the message "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in Safari.exe [2008]"

    Tried rebooting VM but still no good!

  8. I thought I would never touch the beta again. However, I thought I might give it another try. BUT, I can only register two consecutive total crashes after starting Safari and single-clicking a site from TopSites. I am still somewhat baffled that the error slashes through everything. Not a simple Parallels crash, but a total Mac OS crash.
    I submitted three reports. Before using the Safari, after Mac OS start, and after VM XP start: ID 93832, ID 93847, and ID 93854
  9. SJR


    Well, I don't know whether it is something I have done or Apple have done at their end, but Safari 4 is now working perfectly on my Windows XP VM...

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