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    I've got a couple of TPM issues with Windows 11 despite following what I thought were the instructions to resolve.

    1. Windows update won't install as I get the "This PC must support the TPM 2.0 error message" error message, which was apparently fixed in 17.1.0, but I'm running 17.1.1.
    2. I've added a TPM chip to the VM, but upon boot, I get the message "Windows 11" is configured to start with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) enabled but the TPM-related info cannot be read. What do you want to do with "Windows 11"?.

    I can start it OK, but clearly something isn't right and I'm guessing is causing problem #1. I've tried removing and re-adding the TPM chip in the VM configuration but its not helped.

    Any ideas how to resolve please?

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