Trackpad recognition in Windows 11 VM

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ErikG3, Sep 15, 2023.

  1. ErikG3

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    I would like to be able to use trackpad gestures in my Windows 11 VM. Right now my trackpad is only recognized as a virtual mouse in Windows 11, with no way of recognizing a trackpad is attached, and thus no way of setting up gesture support. I have found various articles/forum help that explain this feature, but any instructions found are not applicable for the current version of Parallels running a Windows 11 VM.
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    ? Is Parallels customer service not responding to this question? It's been a while since the question was posted. What does the customer service team do?

    Disabling gestures on Mac, as posted somewhere on the forums, does not solve this problem. This is because the Windows VM recognizes the trackpad device as a 'mouse', and therefore there is no trackpad to use the gesture function.

    I am also experiencing inconvenience with this problem. The customer service team will need to respond quickly to this 'problem'.

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