transfer physical macbook pro into parallels pvm

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    I am trying to convert my macbook pro into parallels pvm. macos Yosemite with parallels 12, guest macos Yosemite. ATM I am trying to using the same macbook pro host itself content as the guest macos using parallels 12.

    1. I created the basic Yosemite pvm using parallels and configure it with two hard drives

    2. I used disk utility restore function to restore the second hard drive with the content of my bootable macbook pro hard drive.
    I knew I could use CCC, i just prefer the apple original disk utility to do the clone job. And I did not wanna mess with the time machine, because it will not be the exact the clone copy of the original one.

    Obviously it will not boot, whenever I try so it will give me the white prohibition sign.

    when I use diskutil list to check the hard drives

    macbook pro hard drive:
    Apple-HFS Macintosh HD

    cloned guest Yosemite second hard drive:
    Apple-HFS Macintosh HD

    guest Yosemite first hard drive:
    Apple_Boot Recovery HD

    would this be the reason why it will not boot?
    How can I make this work??

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