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  1. jonathan_david

    jonathan_david Hunter

    i am having an issue transferring an XP boot camp install as a VM to a new machine.

    i am following the:
    How to transfer Boot Camp installation to your new Mac using Parallels Desktop for Mac - and -
    Can I run my Boot Camp partition with Parallels Desktop - and -
    Changing MAC address After Moving the Virtual Machine

    so far i have run a CREATE VM from BOOT CAMP install on my 2006 mac pro.
    taking it from the Parallels folder and putting it in the Parallels folder on the new machine.
    then i clicked COPIED when i was prompted about the MAC address.

    right now i have double clicked on the pvm file and it is hung up in a "Trying to Boot from Primary Master IDE drive". in the past i was getting the attached errors which as you can see have the WINDOWS 8 icon showing whereas i am trying to boot into a XP virtual machine. in order to try and solve this issue i /removed/ the drive with the native Boot Camp install of Windows 8 from the 2012 mac pro.

    also, i have tried the new VM of the boot camp XP install on my 2006 machine and it does in fact start as a VM on the old machine (of course the original boot camp install is still on the 2006 machine).

    finally, i am seeing the size of the pvm as being 272 MB whereas my windows 7 VM is 60 GB.

    am i missing a step on the old machine where i have to create an INDEPENDENT and UNLINKED VM and right now i am somehow trying to create a linked VM on the old machine which is why this is not working?

    THANKS for any help.
    then i /copied/ the pvm file to the 2012 mac pro parallels XP Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.04.04 AM.png parallels XP Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.03.39 AM.png
  2. Dishant@Parallels

    Dishant@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi, could you plz help us with the following informations.
    1) Size of your imported boot camp. Please refer the link to get help regarding this.
    2)Size of the .pvm file that you have transferred to your new Mac.
    3) Please provide us a problem report id. You can refer the link to know more about hot to generate a problem report id.
  3. jonathan_david

    jonathan_david Hunter

    hi. thanks.
    let me see if i can answer your questions and maybe you can help me some more?
    A. the size of the ORIGINAL BOOT CAMP PARTITION on the 2006 mac pro shows as being 15.48 GB. this is on a HARD DRIVE that has my boot camp install on it in a 2006 mac pro.
    B. the size of the pvm file that i created using PARALLELS ON MY 2006 mac pro is 3.5 MB. since this is a VERY SMALL amount of data it seems suspicious so i went back to the 2006 machine and tried to create a pvm from the boot camp installation of xp again and parallels generated an error message which i sent in. it continued to "import hard drive" and this temporarily resulted in a 5.8 MB pvm file named "imported boot camp" something or other but this operation did not complete and eventually resulted in an error message that said "Failed to import the virtual machine".
    C. i generated a support request code 39459-50199 for THIS ERROR.
    D. on my 2012 Mac Pro where i am trying to create the virtual machine (i am COPYING the pvm file from the 2006 machine to the 2012 machine) - i have DELETED the VM created from the pvm file (i kept the pvm file) and i tried to CREATE A NEW VM from this pvm file (which came from my 2006 machine) and parallels immediately creates a new VM but when i try to start this VM i get the following:
    "Parallels(R) VGA-Compatible BIOS Version 3.0.2111.89721
    10.2.1 blah blah blah
    Network bootrom is installed.
    Trying to boot from Primary (space space space> Master IDE drive ..."
    NOTHING HAPPENS however and i have to shut down the VM
    I have sent in a Problem Report after this happens and i have to shut down.

    can i ask you this while i wait for an answer? i am trying now to create a NEW PVM FILE on my 2006 machine. can you tell me if you would expect the pvm file to be a LOT LARGER since the boot camp install it is coming from is 15 GB?

  4. Dishant@Parallels

    Dishant@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi Jonathan,
    Thank you for creating a support ticket for this as it would help us resolve the issue a lot faster. Also the answer to your question is- Yes!
    The issue happened because the boot camp was not properly migrated. The pvm file will have the entire Windows Virtual Machine in it and the file size should be somewhere around the original Boot camp size.
  5. jonathan_david

    jonathan_david Hunter

    hi. i am not sure what it means when it says "the boot camp was not properly migrated". since i am pretty sure i would have imported using the boot camp option is there some other setting that i or other users should be checking out? in either case i think i am going to go ahead and create an actual boot camp install on the new machine and then i will at some point attempt to create VM's from these new boot camp installs on the new machine.

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