Transferring existing PVM info to M1 machine (or not)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for M Series Mac' started by DHK, Apr 14, 2021.

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    I hope to get an M1 in the near future as my 2014 iMac is getting slower and slower.... I have Parallels (with Windows 10 on it,) as well as a much newer MacBook Pro (which I can use if there are problems with the M1 and Parallels and Windows.

    From what I understand, Parallels now in production in the past day or so will now work with the M1. My question is with Windows.

    I understand I have to get a copy of the test version of their Windows ARM OS. I assume that this means that my existing PVM files are useless and that I will have to re-install my several programs that I use Windows for from scratch. I have a new Startech Serial-USB converter that I use for one of the programs. What are my chances that will work?

    Any other gotchas I should be aware of ?

  2. MichaelH63

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    You're right, the existing pvm will not work.
    I don't know if your converter will work. If it needs a driver, make sure that a driver for ARM is available as that will improve your chances of it working. Otherwise you have to hope that it works with the drivers Windows offers. Windows can emulate x86/x64 apps, but not drivers.
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    Hi, @DHK
    did you check this KB article for more information about your question?
    Please let us know if it's not that case.

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