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Discussion in 'Parallels Transporter' started by Fozzie Bear, Mar 27, 2014.

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    I have successfully created a VM of Windows Professional SP3 using Transporter and imported that to my Parallels Desktop 9 so I know it works. However despite numerous tries it fails every time when trying to create an image of a Win7 64 Bit SP1 volume.
    Everything appears to be working fine until the very final stages of less than 1 minute when Transporter crashes with the normal windows error message "Transporter has experienced a problem and needs to shut down"
    The environment is as follows:-
    1) Multi-boot Abit P35 Pro based PC with three drives:

    a) SSD with two partitions C: Partition Windows XP Pro and a D: partition Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit SP1(as viewed in management snap in when logged in to Win7 on third disk)

    b) 1Tb Data Drive consisting of two 1TB drives in Raid 1(Redundancy) using on board Intel Storage Management raid tool in bios

    c) 80Gb Hard drive of single partition installed with Win7 64bit Ultimate SP2 (Disk Image being "transported")
    Why three drives? Well the 80Gb drive was the original OS disk of two partitions configured for dual boot with WinXP SP2 and Win7 Ultimate. I then cloned the drive using Ghost onto the SSD and I am now rationalising the system by removing the 80Gb disk after "Transporting" the image to use on my MAC.

    In preparation for using transporter on the 80Gb disk I cleaned the drive of all temp files and unwanted bloatware, defragmented with Defraggler, checked the disc for errors and turned off AVG antivirus. I am saving the image to an external 350Gb USB drive via USB connected via one of my USB3 ports. This is the same NTFS formatted external drive used for the XP Proff image which worked fine. After the first two failures of Transporter I read about the software only working on the C: drive so I deleted the XP Proff partition and extended the Win7 partition to take up the whole drive. This is now seen as C: in Disk Manager.
    However as before it still fails by Transporter crashing at the very last stages of the image creation. Unfortunately Transported doesn't even create a log file for me to upload. I have looked in the Temp folder specified and there is a Transporter Crash folder but that's empty.
    Can anyone give me any advice on creating this image successfully.
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    Hi Fozzie Bear

    Thanks for detailed description!

    Please create a problem report in Parallels Transporter Agent: mouse click on application icon (left upper corner), choose "Report a Problem..." and post report ID here.

    Also you can try to select what partitions will be migrated to minimize data transfer: use Customize button on "Select Name and Location" page.

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