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    I use Boot Camp with Parallels and I had an interesting problem with emptying the trash in OS X. It seems that OS X creates a .trashes folder on the Boot Camp partition and if you delete files on that partition from OS X, the files are placed in that folder. If you were to delete the files from Windows, they would go to the Windows Recycle Bin and not the .trashes folder. A problem arises when you try to empty the trash from OS X...the system believes that the files are in use and therefore won't delete them. As a result, no matter what you do, you always have a trash icon that is full in the dock.

    I had to boot up in Windows and delete the .trashes folder. When I went back to OS X, the trash icon was finally empty! It's a minor issue, but I wonder if there is a way to resolve this issue by configuring Parallels, Windows or OS X in some way...
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    When my Windows Virtual Machine starts I constantly can see that my Mac
    OS Trash shows some deleted files, but it is empty, and Windows Recycle
    Bin is also empty
    When Windows Virtual Machine is stopped , Mac OS Trash is empty.


    Please delete folder C:\.Trash in Virtual Machine.
    If you cannot see this folder please follow steps bellow
    Open My Computer-Tools -Folder Options-View tab

    Select - Show hidden files and folders
    Clear - Hide protecting operating system files(Recommended)
    Click OK twice
    for now you should see that folders on C:

    If you still cannot see it, please check that you can see boot.ini file
    and pagefile.sys, if you cannot see them also, it means that VM is
    infected, most probably this is amvo virus or variants

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