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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Killerbob, Dec 30, 2022.

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    I have been running Windows 11 ARM via Parallels Dekstop 18 on my M1 Mac Studio for a while, and all is fine. I use it for gaming and that's it...

    Recently I have been getting the dreaded "you are running out of space" message, and I went into Settings to clean up a bit, but alas, I need to expand my storage. I originally thought that 260GB would be enough, but I guess not.

    With Windows shut down, I started by increasing the Hard Disk in Parallels to 400GB. and I thought I could just expand the disk in Windows 11 to use the extra 140GB... However, in Windows 11 Computer Management I only see a new partition, a recovery partition of 144GB, which I cannot get rid of, and there seems to be no way to expand my 255GB NTFS disk to include the 144GB.

    Here is a screenshot of Computer Management in Windows 11:


    How do I merge the two partitions, i.e. the 144GB and the 254GB ones?
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    Well, I finally figured it out...
    1. CMD
    2. DiskPart
    3. list disk
    4. selected disk #
    5. list partition
    6. select partition #
    7. delete partition
    And if you get the message "Cannot Delete A Protected Partition Without the Force Protected Parameter Set", you'll need to use the override command in step 7:
    7. delete partition override

    After which the 144GB partition was gone, and I could expand the c: partition as usual...

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