Trying to repair a exFAT external drive in Parallels

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by HarryC3, Jan 27, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    So I have a smart TV w/ usb which plays films from an external drive. I have formatted the drive (500GB) to exFAT (don't have a native windows machine and couldn't work out how to format to NTFS inside MAC OSX). This has been working fine up until the last few days. However, the drive has clearly become corrupted - running first aid in Disk Utility throws up a 'could not read boot block - input / output error' along with some further info.

    I'm aware that Windows can do a better job at repairing exFAT drives so I was hoping to fix it in Windows, either with Windows own disk repair tool or third party software.

    However I can only get Parallels to recognize the drive as a shared network drive (much in the same way that Parallels views my internal mac SSD etc). I can't run chkdsk on the drive as it's not being recognized.

    Is there a way to get Parallels to view the drive as a 'conventional' hard drive or is this just not a possibility?

    Any help would be much appreciated - hopefully this is the correct forum for this post.

  2. Hi HarryC3. Please connect the external drive to the USB port, start the Windows virtual machine, select Devices (from the Mac menu bar) -> USB & Bluetooth -> Device Name so that the device will be connected to the Windows virtual machine. Then you can check and fix the disk errors.
  3. HarryC3

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    Hi Sathiya I managed to access the drive and ran chkdsk on it but it's now getting I/O errors with any disk management software or utility so I think it has sadly bitten the dust. Thanks for the help anyway!
  4. Ajith1

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    If it is an I/O error, it will best to contact the device manufacturer and check.

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