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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by MattiasH1, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. MattiasH1

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    Is there any documentation on how the EncPass parameter can be created to create an url that will autologin? If I set a password in the client and export the settings I seem to get a valid EncPass in the Password xml key, but for us to be able to use autologin we need to be able to create it from PHP.
    Tried looking over the powershell admin module also to see if that offered a function to create it in any cmdlet, but didnt find one.
  2. jpc

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    There is no official documentation that I know of. Maybe it is an oversight.
    On the other hand, passing a password as part of the URL is not very secure.
    To be honest, in the case of a Windows PC, I would push the client setup with "single sign-on" enabled by default.

    However, you could file for this functionality under the Feature Suggestions section and see how it goes (https://forum.parallels.com/forums/parallels-remote-application-server-feature-suggestions.767/).

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