Ubuntu 10.4 to 12.04 Upgrade Procedure & Advisability

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by Gary Kellogg, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Gary Kellogg

    Gary Kellogg Bit Poster

    Under Parallels 8 Desktop I have an Ubuntu 10.04 ne' 10.4 VM. Whenever I update, there is an invitation there to press a button and upgrade to 12.04. I pressed this button once under 10.04 and it was a disaster. Basically, I was left with a sort of Frankenstein labeled 10.4 but with the left hand launch bar on an 800 x 600 display which could not be modified. I rubbished the entire mess and restored my 10.4 VM. So the upgrade as promised couldn't have been easier, the result more goofy.

    I am thinking about just adding another VM and creating a brand new 12.04 installation. I have since heard about the 600 x 800 display gremlin. I wonder if that and other bugs await. I use my Linux VM mostly for personal geek fun and for some great Linux media conversion/manipulation tools.

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