Ubuntu 20.04 Multiple Monitors Issues (Parallels 17, macOS Monterey)

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by ZeeshanA2, Nov 15, 2021.

  1. ZeeshanA2

    ZeeshanA2 Bit poster

    I am using Ubuntu 20.04 on Parallels 17 and macOS Monterey. When I click on use option "Use all displays in Full Screen" and go to full screen mode the guest OS goes to both display but becomes un-responsive. I can click on app to open but can't interact with it. Only solution so far for me is to run Ubuntu is not to select the option and go to full screen. This makes life difficult as I use ubuntu for development and need both monitors to be used.
    Any help will be appreciated in this matter.
  2. RobertS94

    RobertS94 Bit poster

    I have the same issue using Parallels 18 Pro and Ubuntu.
    @ZeeshanA2: did you find a way to resolve this issue ?

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