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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by MRKisThatKid, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. MRKisThatKid


    Has anybody got the recently released Ubuntu or Kubuntu 7.04 beta to work in parallels desktop? The installer won't boot for me, I just get a blank screen after hitting return at the prompt.
  2. MrMacHead


    Exactly the same for me when attempting to install using the ISO file for Ubuntu 7.04. After I press Enter, there is an indication of activity for a few seconds, then nothing more...
  3. hkoster1


    Well, I get a little further (in build 3188) -- using the alternate install with boot options: install acpi=off hw-detect/start_pcmcia=false. The installation seems to start OK, asking for language etc, then fails at finding the correct driver for the CD-ROM (none of the offered choices works). Probably because my MacBook has a DVD...?
  4. mirko


    Did it!

    I am proud to say that I've got a fully working version running now! (proud, because I am not much of a wizard...);)

    It is actually quite easy: what I did is clone my Ubuntu 6.10 from within Parallels, booted from it, made sure it was fully up to date, and then updated that using these instructions:

    You have to be on a fast internet connection as it downloads almost 800 Mb, but other than that it goes automatically.

    After the reboot (of the VM that is), it just seems to work.

  5. rodrigo74


    Hey, thanks for the tip, it seems to work :)

    I didn't have any Kubuntu installation on my computer yet, so I downloaded Kubuntu 6.10, installed it, and then tried the steps mentioned in the link you provided.

    At first I got an error saying "update-manager: command not found", but then I did apt-get install update-manager to have it installed, and finally started the upgrade to 7.04.

    So far so good! :)
  6. dcharti


    Any chance there's help for someone who doesn't want to go through installing a different version first before getting 7.04 installed?
  7. epkphoto


    I also found this issue shortly after Feisty beta came out. It is an issue with a CD virtualization change made by Parallels that the current infestation of the linux kernel in Ubuntu does not handle properly. The issue actually appeared in Feisty Herd 5 with the newer kernel versions. Additionally, the issue happens with the latest kernels in the Fedora 7 test releases.

    If you want to help get this fixed, check out my bug report here: https://launchpad.net/bugs/95830

    also, see my other thread in the Parallels forum here: http://forums.parallels.com/thread10308.html
  8. mike3k


    I found the same thing. I was about to post it but I found this thread first.

    I'm starting to get very discouraged with Parallels and I'm just about ready to switch to VMWare since their Linux support is so much better. I was able to install Feisty in VMWare Fusion with no problems, but I haven't been able to get it running in parallels. Furthermore, they have VMWare tools for Linux which improves the mouse & video and synchronizes the clock.

    I would like the people at Parallels to make some statement about their commitment to support Linux. If they don't intend to improve their Linux support, I'm switching to VMWare.
  9. epkphoto


    Well, in the case of this issue, I think the Linux guys will pull through and fix the issue. It would certainly help if Parallels would work with them to improve driver support. At this point, we should pressure Parallels to work with the open source community, and we should give as much support as possible to the open source developers.

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