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  1. TomasV


    Parallels 5.0 tools for Ubuntu 9.10

    I had been reading all of your comments on getting the tools to install correctly. It took me some messing around but I think I've reached a conclusion. I keep getting the "not proper permissions" (to that effect) warning when I realize if you type:

    sudo su

    prior to you trying to use the installer it will prompt you for a password then after that you should have root privileges. You might be temped to run the installer.x86_32, but don't just regress back into the main Parallels tools directory and use the install file. You should have the proper permissions to complete the tools install.

  2. HenkK


    FWIW, I just installed Parallels Tools in the upcoming 10.04 release. After making sure that there's a proper compiling environment (I used the "sudo m-a prepare" command, the module-assistant package is needed for that), Parallels Tools installs fine with the "sudo ./install" command in the /media/Parallels\ Tools directory); the installer asks to install some missing stuff, which I allowed.

    So, for all of you suffering folks with 9.10, your suffering will soon be over when you upgrade to 10.04 next month (or right-away if you're the adventurous type). There's a nifty little feature where the upper left corner of the screen folds back like a page to show the underlying Mac OS X screen...

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