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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Jon, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Jon

    Jon Bit poster

    Just a short note for those that are stuck in 1024x768 but want some custom resolutions

    have a look here [ubuntuforums.org]

    Pretty much follow the reconfig screens and select the resolutions you're after. Theoretically this guide should work with any debian/xorg based distribution but I used it for Ubuntu Dapper drake and it's a beauty =).

    Please do make sure that you back up your old xorg.conf file (as done in step one) just in case .. =)
  2. psychoboogie

    psychoboogie Junior Member

    alternatively, if you haven't installed yet grab the alternate install ISO. It uses the oldschool install method that allows you to set all paramaters. When you get to the screen resolution section go to the res you want (in my case 1440 x 900) and hit the spacebar. set whatever res you want and then continue the install. Easiest way without command line craziness, if you are starting from scratch.
  3. dialo

    dialo Bit poster

    Any chance that someone who has gotten a working 1440x900 resolution could post the contents of their xorg.conf file?
  4. gblakeman

    gblakeman Bit poster

    Following the directions in the link Posted by Jon worked well for me and got 1440x900 working on my Macbook Pro. For me, the key was leaving everything default, and selecting ONLY the 1440x900 resolution.
  5. dialo

    dialo Bit poster

    What I had to to was set the HorizSync and VertRefresh to the values posted by c0l245 here:
    	HorizSync	30-82
    	VertRefresh	40-120
    and each the resolutions set like this:
    	SubSection "Display"
    		Depth		24
    		Modes		"1440x900" "1280x800" "800x600" "640x480"
    1440x900 now works properly.

    If you follow the instructions on the ubuntu forums, you can select all of the default values until you get to resolutions, at which point you select your resolutions, and then* choose the "advanced" option on the screen soon following that and entering the values above.

    *presumably. Personally, I entered it manually.
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  6. bmoeskau

    bmoeskau Junior Member

    Thanks so much for the pointer to the xorg setup. I'm now running my Ubuntu guest at 1920x1440 on a 30" cinema display. It's a bit slow redrawing the screen (as noted in other threads about large resolutions in general under PW), but OMG is it beautiful to look at ;)

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