Unable to access GRUB on Ubuntu 22.04 reboot

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by rogerh15, Jul 4, 2023.

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    I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 and am trying to reboot into GRUB using the shift key. It doesn't work, but this appears to be the standard method. Is there another way to get into GRUB?
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    The default key depends on the BIOS type, in case of UEFI, it would be ESC key as opposed to shift and should bring you to the GRUB console.

    However, for bootloader menu, as an alternative you can modify the GRUB file to have it appear at every boot:
    1. Start the virtual machine.
    1.1. Take a snapshot, just in case. In the top bar, Actions -> Take Snapshot.
    2. Open Terminal in Ubuntu and execute the following:

    sudo nano /etc/default/grub
    (requires an administrator password to execute)
    3. Locate the following strings:

    4. Change them to the following:

    Note: First line is just commented out, and timeout value is the amount of seconds the system will spend in the boot menu before automatically booting into a default configuration, unless of course a button is pressed while in the menu.
    5. Press Ctrl+X to exit -> input Y to save changes -> press "Enter" to confirm the file to save.
    6. Execute the last command:
    sudo update-grub

    Starting with the next reboot, the system will always display GRUB bootloader prior to booting Ubuntu for an amount of seconds specified in the TIMEOUT string.
    To remove the boot menu at system start, you can perform the same procedure, but uncomment the string and set timeout to 0, e.g. return it to the way it was.

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