Unable to activate PD19 after moving to the new Mac

Discussion in 'Licensing and Activation' started by RichardP35, Feb 22, 2024.

  1. RichardP35

    RichardP35 Bit poster

    Been using parallels Desktop for a long time, possibly since when it was first released.
    Was running v19 on my old 27-inch iMac in Jan 2024 with Windows 11 running OK.
    Along comes the new M3 iMac, migration from the old iMac to this one without problems.
    Now nothing is working properly.
    1 - So I had to download a new ARM version of Windows 11. OK
    2 - Began installing it with PD v19.1.2 running. OK
    3 - During install of Windows I get this "need a key" dialog.
    Wait, I had a permanent key, and a new one under the subscription deal which was still valid according to the subscription.
    But, it says no, need to upgrade.
    Check the web site, get my latest key, and put it in. Nope, not acceptable.
    Go back and get the permanent key (older). Doesn't work either.
  2. Dave_CA

    Dave_CA Bit poster

    I am in a similar situation...
    Migrating Parallels from macmini_x86 to macpro
    There seems to be several disconnects:
    1) my MS account shows all devices, but shows my a basecamp w10 version, instead of the parallels w11 version
    2) The input dialog in Settings/Troubleshooting won't accept all/any the numbers I try to input
    I'm aware that none of the above can/could help anyone diagnose an answer. :)
  3. Avinash Bundhoo

    Avinash Bundhoo Staff Member


    Thank your for your feedback.

    A license for Parallels Desktop for Mac is the license key that allows you to activate only Parallels Desktop, the license key isn't supposed to activate Windows.

    For more information, please go to the link https://kb.parallels.com/9003

    If this is another activation issue, please share a screenshot of the error.

  4. Dave_CA

    Dave_CA Bit poster

    it turns out...
    key messages from Microsoft
    Reactivate Windows - "Edition doesn't match"
    Only shows the Win 10 Home, and not the Win 11 Arm

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