Unable to connect to Hard Disk 1

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by plazmyd, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. job

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    Whats up?
    Why do we get no answers or informations?

  2. beagley

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    I am using Coherence with my Bootcamp XP withouth any trouble.

    Must be something else... I'm leaning towards the Configure window bug.
  3. webs

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    So... has Parallels given up on this issue?
  4. galochka

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  5. webs

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    I do not have an .hdd file in the .pvm

    I have an .hdd file on the desktop which has the OS installed. This is the .hdd file I chose to use as the Hard Disk Image File.
  6. job

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    Hi there,
    I have not read that article yet, but did something different. I installed the new release from your server. It took a while, but now all systems are running. <pff>
    Is this written that article - run our new installer? Why didn't you post this here.

  7. mlr1973

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    I did this and had the right message for the "access rights issue as described here.........

    "If this didn't help, please, opem the parallels.log file inside the .pvm bundle with the TextEdit application from /Applications/
    Press Cmd+F and type "OpenDisk" in the Find string

    If you see the "Error locking file" error please check your permissions and ownership once again.

    16:20:46.957 F /VirtualDisk:8247/ Error locking file /Leopard/Windows_XP_SP2_32_SMP/Windows XP SP2 32 SMP.hdd/Windows XP SP2 32 SMP.hdd [35]
    16:20:46.957 F /VirtualDisk:8247/ Couldn't lock disk: 0x80021037
    16:20:46.958 F /VirtualDisk:8247/ OpenDisk() returned error 0x80021037
    Conclusion: wrong permissions on the .hdd file"


    Can someone please help me, it's driving me mad.....the problem ID is 21442,although I have also had 21444 and others starting 21xxx.

    Many thanks

  8. John@Parallels

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    To check permissions
    open Terminal
    cd /path/to/hdd/folder
    sudo chmod -R 777 ./
    enter password blindly click OK
  9. mlr1973

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    Thanks - I did that on the parallels folder as I can't seem to cd to the hdd one and this is what terminal responded to the sudo command......

    usage: chmod [-fv] [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-a | +a | =a [# [ n]]] mode|entry file ...

    Is this interpretable to anyone?

    Thanks again
  10. John@Parallels

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    Sorry, may be I wan not clear, I mean cd to folder where hdd is located
  11. Ynot

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    I checked your report, mlr1973. I can see that your HDD is connected nice, but when you working with it - PD4 write you about HDD error. So, i also can see error records in your Mac system log.

    Looks like your Mac HDD is corrupted in some way. May be you better back up your files and check HDD thoroughly...
  12. Log in then get this message seconds later

    My id numbers are 21470 and 21525.

    I thought this had to do with a Windows XP patch, because I managed to get the system to work last Friday after selectively loading patches, but today I log into Windows and a short time later I get this error.

    I do remember having made a change to the configuration while the guest OS was running, so I apparently messed something up there.

    I am just running a VM, not Boot Camp. What is the best approach for recovering in this situation?

  13. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    What is error?
  14. Unable to connect to Hard Disk 1
  15. Never mind. I deleted my VM and created a Boot Camp image, and am running both from Boot Camp and Parallels.

    Don't know why my VM stopped working, but was able to mount the VM and get the files out, so loading up the Boot Camp partition shouldn't be a trick.
  16. Marco Ephraim

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    "unable to connect to hard disk 1" input/output error. Cannot do anything! Cannot configure -> is greyed out. Cannot backup/clone VM eather. Helpfile is too complicated/not understandable. Please help. And where on earth is 'in the menu -> help -> report a problem? Can't see it anywhere
  17. Jay Fortunato

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    Yesterday, Parallels and Windows worked perfectly for me. Today, it freezes up after a few minutes and I see this:


    Also, the blue Windows toolbar at the bottom wasn't there in Coherence yesterday but now doesn't go away. My report ID: 136870.

  18. jabakobob@gmail.com

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    I did a new installation of Parallels Desktop 4.0
    it automatically recognized bootcamp, and started configuring it.
    when it asked me to do the manual part, parallels had the same problem ("unable to connect to hd 1")

    I resolved it like this:
    - stopped the vm (ignoring warnings about data loss)
    - in the vm settings, chose image for the harddrive
    - pressed OK (again ignoring warnings)
    - went to the vm settings again, and chose "bootcamp" for the hard drive
    - pressed ok

    Parallels then restarted that lengthy configuration stuff, asked me to do the manual stuff (which was especially interesting, because the mouse didn't work....) and it all was fine.
  19. Peng Lim

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    Thanks for all the tips here.

    I finally found the way to get it back online.

    I selected the Configure button and a dialogue display pops open with the title:
    Virtual Machine Configuration: My Boot Camp
    On the left side menu list, I scroll down to Hardware, locate and select Hard Disk 1
    The right side shows up Hard Disk 1 as Enabled.
    Boot Camp Partition was selected.
    Under Disk: the correct HDD was selected.
    Below that it shows Boot Camp, XXX GB

    Then comes the part that got mine booting again: Location
    It was originally listed as IDE 0:0

    I first change it to IDE 0:1 but it says it is already in use by my CD
    Next I chose IDE 1:0 - same problem.
    Finally I chose the last remaining option IDE 1:1 and viola, it boots up properly now.

    I am using P4 on a 2006 MacBook Pro with a Boot Camp Partition of WinXP.
  20. Tim Vazquez

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    I have just installed, and am having the same hard drive can not connect error.

    Make sure that OSX does not have the bootcamp partition mounted! Eject this drive before starting Windows.. Only one OS can access the hard drive at a time..


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