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    Current certificate is an intermediate certificate which is the cause of getting the error "Unable to get local issuer certificate. <20>"

    Fix advise by parallels is https://kb.parallels.com/en/122996 (put the Intermediate CA information in the domain certificate and use that certificate) or use a certificate from a reputed Root CA as all supported Root CAs are listed in the trusted.pem files available on Client Installations.
    I tried the steps advise in first method i.e. put the Intermediate CA information in the domain certificate and use that certificate.
    Steps I followed are below;

    • Connected to PDC
    • certlm.msc -> Opened Personal Certificates store of local computers
    • I found the Domain certificate (Note: This Domain certificate was issued by a private CA of ADCS service) used (The private key of this certificate is in non exportable format)
    • Exported this Domain certificate in X.509 (.CER) format
    • Exported Intermediate certificate in X.509 (.CER) format
    • Opened Intermediate Certificate in notepad copied CA information and add in the domain certificate in

    -----END CERTIFICATE-----


    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

    • To get the private key in our 2X ClientSecureGateway I requested for a new certificate to same ADCS CA which issues Domain certificate.
    • Exported private key and its certificate in pfx format

    But I don't know what I missed I am keep getting error private key does not match with certificate.

    Kindly remote in and fix this issue.
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    JackT4 said:
    Greetings JackT4,

    From what I understand, this issue is being investigated in the scope of the support ticket you submitted recently and the issue is already fixed. Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to reply to the last correspondence from our engineer - we will be glad to help!

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