Unable to open disk image Boot Camp

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by lanny, Jul 13, 2007.

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    I have used Parallels from early beta version. Then I bought 2 and some troubles began. I bought 3 hoping it will be good. It is worse than 2! I went through all the various advices on what to do with Unable to open disk image Boot Camp to no avail. In frustration, I downloaded VMWARE beta. Click couple of times and it works!

    I guess I'll stay with beta VMWARE because paying for software seems, in my case, make it worse.


    OS/X 10.4.10, iMac 24 2.33 GHZ Intel Core 2 DUo, 2GB RAM, 465 GB drive
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    Unable to open disk image Boot Camp!

    I was able to get Boot Camp to work in Parallels by changing the folder where the .pvs file is kept, according to where the manual said it should be.

    "If you install Parallels Desktop on the Macintosh computer with Boot Camp Windows XP/SP2 or Windows Vista partition, and Parallels Desktop detects that there are no virtual machines on the computer, it automatically creates a new virtual machine for this Boot Camp partition which is placed to the following location:

    <Username>/Documents/Parallels/My Boot Camp"

    My computer was not defaulting to this location, it was saving the .pfs file to the Windows partition. Changing the Default Location for Virtual Machines in the Preferences seems to be the place to initially change the setting. I also changed it as I was setting it up to use Boot Camp instead of a Virtual partition. Hope this helps. I'm now running my Boot Camp partition very nicely within Parallels!
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    Thank you for you response.

    I had the .pvs in the proper place. The problem was solved by the new release. I am still using VMWARE, though.

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