Unable to select out of active VM when device attached

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    I have been using parallels from some time and one little thing keeps bugging me.
    Current setup,
    1) MAC OS Monterey
    2) Parallel desktop 15 permanent standard edition
    3) Windows 10 VM
    4) Ubuntu 14 VM
    5) Preferences->Devices->Ask me what to do

    Now, when I add any new device in the system it will ask for the selection where I want to attach that device.
    But it will not allow me to select MAC/VM and that popup will stay forever until I select what to do with that device manually from VM->Devices->USB...
    Attaching screenshot of pop-up where I am unable to select where to connect that device.

    Please let me know your inputs to resolve this issue.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ravi Bhuva.

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