Unable to Update Windows 10 System using PD 13

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Jigs Gaton, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Jigs Gaton

    Jigs Gaton Product Expert

    Hi all, I am on PD Version 13.3.0 (43321) using Mac OS Version 10.13.4, and for a long time my installations of Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview, Version 1709, OS Build 17025.1000, will not update properly using any of the rings or Windows Update options. I can get app updates and quality updates just fine, but I cannot get the OS Feature updates to install:
    The error messages seem to be false flags, as I have scoured the forums and even had an MVP try to help me out on Technet, but all indicators point to some problem outside of the realm of Windows. I am only able to upgrade the OS by waiting for an ISO to come out, which is not often. Any ideas if this could be a PD problem? I have played with the PD maintenance options, all to no avail. Thx!

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