Unexpected (bad) behavior when dragging Parallels window

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by misterjangles, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Unexpected (bad) behavior when dragging Parallels window [BUG 20770]

    In OSX when you grab the parallels window of a running VM by the upper app icon, instead of dragging the window, your .PVM file is moved and your VM instantly crashes, losing any unsaved data.

    At the top of the parallels window (the strip with the minimize/mazimize buttons) the parallels icon is centered. This is the spot where if you click and drag, when you release your .PVM file instantly is moved to wherever you release the mouse.

    I realize OSX apps often have functionality attached to this icon, but moving the .PVM file itself while running seems very unintuitive and dangerous.

    When this happens, Parallels VM instantly goes black, the VM is shut down and parallels shows an alert that says that the VM file is missing. You have to move the file back where it goes, which is confusing and the VM has to be restarted - losing any unsaved data.
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  2. John@Parallels


    Could you please let me know what build you are using?
    I am not able to reproduce situation on build 3540
    if you are using the same build please submit report from Parallels Desktop - Help menu -selecting Report a Problem, and post here report ID

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