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  1. AlexanderZ3

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    Hide desktop is very useful feature when you need to demonstrate clean desktop.
    Once hidden, it is backed up by Time Machine in @Hidden@ state. So it isn't easy way to unhide it when you work with backed-up content of your desktop. The workaround I've found is to archive/unarchive whole desktop content, because after unarchiving procedure all flags for folders and files are removed. So hidden becomes visible. It is not fast procedure when you have lot of heavy files on your desktop.
    requested feature:
    - tool to clean hidden flag on "Desktop" folder content in Time Machine backup
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  2. LukeT3

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    I'm having this issue too.
    My hard drive failed and I had access to the files but the Desktop files were hidden when the Mac crashed except for a few screenshots that were taken after the hide desktop tool was started.
    To view hidden files and folders on Mac you can use
    CMD + SHIFT + .
    I had important files in folders which I need for invoicing so it's been a nightmare. :(

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