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    I had the same problem.
    I don't want the "parallels access" to run while MacOS startup, how?
    When finish version 9 of parallels installation. As every time the "parallels access" run while OS startup, and at the MacOS system control startup zone, I had not see the option.
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    Thanks mennah for the info. Very useful, and it works - both good things :)
    I too am annoyed with Parallels for foisting Access on to me without my permission. This is the sort of thing you associate with slightly dodgy freeware, not a company with Parallels (ex) reputation. Perhaps they'll see the light and start offering Access in the installer instead of sneaking it in under our noses...
    I have no intention of using it and never did. I do have iOS devices but if I want to play with my Mac on my iPad/iPhone I use Screens or another VNC client. Simpler and cheaper.
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    The steps here are good but incomplete.

    Because Parallels Access is already running, you need to move it out of /Applications first so that it can't restart itself. So move it to ~/Desktop or something first (you'll need to authenticate the move). I only figured this because I was trying to uninstall via TinkerToolSystem2 and it wouldn't remove it due to it still being running.

    Anyways, I incorporated the other bits, found a few other files, and wrote a shellscript to do the uninstall for you. Note: this isn't anything official, I used it, my system still runs, but use at your own risk and for crying out loud please understand what it does before you execute it.

    sudo rm -rf /Applications/Parallels\ Access.app
    running=$(ps ax|grep -i 'Parallels Access'|grep -v grep|awk '{print $1}')
    for x in ${running}; do
        sudo kill -9 ${x}
    sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.parallels.mobile.dispatcher.launchdaemon.plist || echo
    sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.parallels.mobile.kextloader.launchdaemon.plist || echo
    sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchAgents/com.parallels.mobile.prl_deskctl_agent.launchagent.plist || echo
    sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchAgents/com.parallels.mobile.startgui.launchagent.plist || echo
    sudo rm /etc/com.parallels.mobile.prl_deskctl_agent.launchd
    sudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.parallels.mobile.dispatcher.launchdaemon.plist
    sudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.parallels.mobile.kextloader.launchdaemon.plist
    sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.parallels.mobile.prl_deskctl_agent.launchagent.plist
    sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.parallels.mobile.startgui.launchagent.plist
    sudo rm /var/root/Library/Preferences/com.parallels.mobile.plist
    sudo rm /var/root/Library/Preferences/com.parallels.mobile_persist.plist
    rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.parallels.Parallels\ Access.plist
    rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.parallels.Parallels\ Access.plist.sdb
    If you decide to run it, you can cut-n-paste that into a file named parallels-access-uninstaller.sh and run it with "sh parallels-access-uninstaller.sh" on the commandline. I would also make sure Parallels Desktop isn't running when you run this, and I would reboot after the fact (I've not done it yet because I'm writing this). I did fire up a vm after running it and it seems to work fine.

    Works for me. YMMV. Use at your own risk and I'm not liable for, well, anything. You've been warned. =) (Not trying to make it sound like this is all evil and stuff but I don't want anyone screaming if they cut-n-paste wrong).

    Anyways Parallels, my bill is in the mail. Here's your uninstaller. I'm sure it was just a simple oversight and not gross negligence that lead to installing a remote access software without our ok, right? RIGHT?
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    Forgot to mention for the curious, those "|| echo" at the end there are so that if launchctl has an issue unloading one of these it won't prematurely kill the script (which happened to me the first time I ran it).
  5. RobLewis

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    Shocking. Is this just very annoying, or maybe unethical?

    When a user upgrades Parallels Desktop, he is asked if he wants a free six-month subscription to Parallels Access. Even if he says no, the product is installed on his system and the application is started each time the system is rebooted. It is installed with ancillary files scattered around several directories in the system and Parallels has not supplied an uninstaller or listed the steps to fully uninstall the application, despite a number of requests. In other words, Parallels has decided it's a good idea to silently install a difficult to remove daemon application on the system, even if the user has explicitly stated they do not want it. They have not provided an uninstaller or a list of files installed or instructions on how to remove the application files. These are scattered to at least four Mac OS X OS system level directories.
  6. Hesedel

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    +1 to an unhappy customer, hope they update it soon to include a clean uninstaller and option to disable it from auto-starting.
  7. Paul Barnard

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    Did you spot that they have also installed an extension into Safari? I now have a launch IE button. This whole situation is disgusting, what else have they fiddled with? I have raised a ticket with support to have this guaranteed completely removed from my system. My main development platform has been compromised in the worse possible way.
  8. Guddler

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    Well spotted - no I hadn't, and I don't know why I hadn't, the button's obvious enough!!

    Please let us know what they come back with...
  9. François

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    I'm mad at Parallels! I upgrade from 8 to 9 and what I get is a back door on my Mac (aka Parallels Access). If I'd knew I wouldn't upgrade. This is a ever true mantra: never bought a brand new something.
  10. Andrew@Parallels

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  11. lotw

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    Should not have been done to begin with. Stop changing people's system or loose your customers.
  12. Paul Barnard

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    Well I heard back from technical support about my ticket on how to remove Access completely and it is a total fail. All they replied with was 'this is a new service, here are the instructions to use it and you have a 6 month free subscription'. I even pointed out in the ticket that I don't have anything to use it with... Seems they are still very much in denial or just completely incompetent. I am completely disillusioned especially now that their technical support team have shown themselves to be incapable of reading a ticket and tasked with pushing use of an unwanted service. I downloaded a competitors offering yesterday. I will try it today. If it works my entire development group will switch from Parallels. I am completely at a loss why you would want this Access stuff anyway, we use parallels as development targets for testing our code in different configurations not as a VNC replacement...
  13. Guddler

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    Just to add some further feedback to what has already been said (and no, it should not have been installed in the first place!) - this should be simplicity itself to implement. During the install set all the default options however you want but for goodness sake make sure there's a "Customise" button that allows the advanced user to deselect the installation of the extra guff like Access and the Safari extension so we don't have to clean up after the install.

    It will be interesting to see if the added extras reinstall themselves without permission during future updates. The small update that came out a few days ago has not added them back in so hopefully that's a good sign. If it stays that way then having now purchased the v9 upgrade I'm set for the next year (don't get me started on the whole subject of pricing for paid upgrades every 12 months!!!) but rest assured if this trend continues then I will go back to Fusion and abandon parallels in very short order. I only came over to Parallels in the first place because it seemed like a nicer, cleaner product when they started to try and get all fancy.

    IMO the problem stems from the fact that as a basic virtualisation platform there's only so much you can offer once you already have a good, fast solution. And because companies have little alternative as they need to generate revenue from updates somehow (which I understand) they try to innovate. But to the power user that simply wants a VM to be just that, a fairly isolated VM (maybe drag and drop and copy and paste between host and guest) all the fluffy stuff around the edges is nothing more than just that, guff we don't need. Granted I'm sure there are some (plenty? who knows!) of consumer types out there that love this extra stuff but like I say, that's easily solved. Make it optional.

    Parallels does indeed need to take note or risk losing customers as it's a fickle world and a lot of customers will already own previous licenses of Fusion that they can upgrade to get up to speed.
  14. NBW2011

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    You just lost a long standing customer!

    Installing parallels access after I said I was was annoying. Not providing a way to FULLY cleanup was offensive. Secretly installing the IE butting in Safari, that pushed me over the edge.

    I've been a long standing Parallels customer (since 2.2). This will be my last upgrade and I will no longer recommend it to my colleagues and friends. Hello VMWare.

  15. BrianTombaugh

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    I have purchased the Parallels 9 upgrade, but I'm waiting to install the new version until the Access Agent install is removed. I don't have any use for this software and don't want to install any additional software into my system that I'm not going to use. I hope this gets fixed soon, or I will just delete the software, learn my lesson, and go with Bootcamp for all the more I use windows.
  16. BrianOS

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    I have been a parallels user for quite some time and this is the first time I have had a significant concern about the software. Installing additional software without my permission is simply not acceptable ESPECIALLY when the additional software opens up a back door into my operating system. Failing to provide an uninstaller just adds insult to injury. Thanks Parallels.
  17. chashulme

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    Still waiting on the procedure, which should be pretty easy.

    I have to say this was poorly (not) thought out and wholly inconsiderate of users (customers). There are many reasons why a Parallels Desktop 9 customer would not want the "access" feature loaded, the most obvious of which is not having an iPad. Yet the current procedure is to drop the executable into the trash and authenticate (not even mentioned), leaving its other appendages as leftovers. Once this is done, how do you reenable it if you want it? Reinstall, I'm sure... Absolutely ridiculous and amateurish.

    This whole thing should be an option in install, and a preference toggle to enable it / disable it when desired.
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  18. lotw

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    Ok, I found that if you remove the couple of files from both /library/launchagents and /library/launchdaemons that Parallels Access app won't even run, gives an error. So if you remove the hidden start up items the program is useless cause it won't run.

    I have removed those 4 files to stop it from running all the time and now have removed it the rest of the way from my system. I probably won't re-install it either and I have a year of use for it.

    I think we should be able to sue the company for forcing it to auto install and run a service that give anyone full access to,your computer.
  19. Piclocata

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    I'm getting annoyed about this too, and it isn't being treated with the urgency it deserves. I declined the 6 months free subscription and yet Parallels Access was still installed on my machine. Installing unauthorised software is a serious matter, and this one has the potential to compromise system security. It also acts as an unwanted advert, prompting for a sign-up each time the system is restarted.

    Yet http://kb.parallels.com/117142 hasn't been updated, even just to say it is incorrect. The release notes for build 9.0.23062 say that "You can now choose whether to download and install the Parallels Access agent" but actually it does nothing for people who have installed earlier builds. People who declined the subscription haven't been contacted to warn them, and they should be.

    @ParallelsCares? It doesn't look that way at the moment. Can you raise the profile of this with your senior management?
  20. EllwoodN

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    The page has finally been updated with a script provided to remove all of access!!

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