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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by NickM3, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. NickM3

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    When I try to access the internet via Windows 10 and Parallels 12, there is no connection. Network settings says there is an unknown Network and that there is no internet access. I have tried various settings in Parallels - nothing works. I have tried wired and wireless connections on the Mac side.
    This was working fine until the latest Parallels update.
    Suggestions please?
  2. Alfena@Parallels

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    Hello @NickM3 ,

    Please set Parallels Network Adapter to Shared networking, go to your virtual machine's Configuration > Hardware > Network 1 > Source and choose Shared Network and then reinstall Parallels Tools, go to Actions > reinstall Parallels Tools and check if it works.

  3. terrapin

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    If you are using Parallels Shared Network, make sure there is only ONE active network adaptor on the Mac side. If you are connecting with the Wi-Fi adaptor, turn off Bluetooth. If you are using a wired connection, turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
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    Well, in this case try to uninstall the network adapter driver and then install the latest one. Hope this works for you but if not then run Windows 10 Network Reset feature
    • Pressing Windows Key + I > click on the Network & Internet.
    • Click on the Status present in the left window pane.
    • Now, scroll down and click on Network Reset.
    • Another window will appear, click on the Reset now option
    • If any confirmation message appears then choose Yes.
    • Reboot your PC to save all the modifications.
    Hope the given solutions will help you to fix Windows 10 no internet connection problem, but if it fails then learn other solutions here - Fix Windows 10 problems

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