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    We have a published application running on a Windows 2008 32 bit server offsite. The customer's machines where I've seen the issue are all running Windows 10.

    We have noticed that sometimes the published app "freezes".

    By freeze, I mean i can click on the window where it resides and drag it around, but it does not react to any events. It ignores all keystrokes. Also, the cursor selection bar is usually shifted from where it was.

    Waiting around doesn't seem to work. Users have found that making the application full screen and/or maximizing it seems to unfreeze it. Killing the session and logging back in works too, and the application is exactly where it was when the session froze.

    This last makes me suspect the issue is not with the app as such, but with a combination of my app, the server, and Windows 10 vs 7. In fact, I have never experienced this issue, but I am using Windows 7 SP1 on my client machine. My version of 2x client is 64 bit, v 10.5 build 1323.

    I don't know off the top of my head what versions of 2x client my customer is using, but they downloaded the clients this year.

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    I have a business that I recently got online. I have been making websites and while I was working on a few of these, this same thing happened to me. Not sure if the sites make a difference at all. They were for Home Remodels, Insulation, Fences and Tree Service. But Maria's solution seemed to help for now.
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