Unstable windows hardware drivers when controlling radios through Parallels.

Discussion in 'Product updates and feedback' started by R__, May 24, 2024.

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    for a long time now I've been struggling when trying to control hardware devices, to keep Parallels from disconnecting the Windows drivers. As soon as Parallels went into Suspend, the connection was broken. I thought I'd fixed it when the Parallels team told me how to remove Suspend, sadly it's still happening. I now find that, by using a different USB port on the Mac mini 2, the connections are restored (if I shutdown the Mac I still have to use a different usb port to re-establish the connection each time the connection is lost so I'm swapping back and forth between ports! Daft I know.) Has any one else struggled with this issue and if so can someone tell me a solution. I've run out of hair to tear out.

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