Update 15.1.1 Cant install parallels tools

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Andrew25, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Andrew25

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    The newest update won't install parallels tools. It just goes to a black screen a stays there (I have given it 2 hours to do something earlier today with no luck). At that point I have to force quit parallels, I then cant open the VM because of a permissions error, so I have to use Onyx to 'clean' the system which seems to work (there are other threads on this issue). Once that is done I am back to the beginning with a VM with no parallels tools installed.
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  2. DavidG49


    I have a similar issue. XP VM will not restart after loading tools. Forcing restart after reset brings back VM, but XP apps just freeze. Have reloaded backup and gone through 3 times - same result each time. Max OS is 10.15.1
  3. AndrewS11

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    Same for me, I use two VMs regularly and both are stuck on the black screen while trying to install Parallels Tools.

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