Update kali latest version 2022.4

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by JohnN18, Dec 11, 2022.

  1. JohnN18

    JohnN18 Bit poster

    Just so I understood everything correctly but is it not possible to get the latest kali version 2022.4 in parallels desktop on a Mac with an M1 chip?
    When I run a full upgrade in Kali, there is never a later version than 2022.2
    What happens if I upload an ISO file with the latest version?
    I am a bit of a beginner when it comes to linux and running commands, but have been a Mac user for over 10 years.
    Is there any other way so I can get the latest version of kali. Sometimes use win 11 as well, so I think Parallel seems to be great otherwise.
  2. Asish

    Asish Staff Member

    Hello @JohnN18, These are (Kali Linux 2022.2, 2022.1, 2021.3) the supported Guest Operating Systems on Mac with Apple M-series chip. You can also check the supported Guest Operating Systems (Mac with Apple M-series chip) by following this KB article.

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