Update Nag Screen, how get permanently rid of advertising

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by paul39, Oct 29, 2021.

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    Dear Forum,
    has anybody an idea how to generally get rid of the update nag screen in parallels 16? For one of my systems i want stay in 16 and i don't want
    this nag screen which is asking me twice a day to upgrade.
    I wasn't aware, that the software is adware, this wasn't anywhere mentioned. These methods are like from these guys which here in Europe going out in a pack and are trying to sell newspaper subscription to old people. I have disabled update check but this is still coming, it is like walking around and accidentality step into a dog turd, cleaning the shoe in a puddle and some grass with lot of personal engagement but no, later in the car you need to accept that the smell is omnipresent and persistent.

    Please help me to shut up these "give me your money" beggar screens.

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