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Discussion in 'Licensing and Activation' started by MatthiasE5, Oct 2, 2023.

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    in this excellent document, you can see that Parallels 18 is going to be supported and will be receiving updates until approximately August 2025 unless something out of the ordinary happens.

    I'm on 18 and I don't intend to update to 19 until approximately spring/summer next year because everything is going very well and I'll also be staying on Ventura for the time being. (M1; VM=Win 11).

    I'm now being informed by the updater on a regular basis that v19 is ready for download. I don't want v19, so I was thinking of disabling notifications, but then I thought, wait, how will I get notified when 18 receives a critical update?

    --> It's not so convenient that I ...
    ... can neither click "don't notify me about THIS particular version of v19"
    ... nor can I click "don't notify me about ANY v19 any more
    ... nor do I receive any information on how I would be informed if v18 receives an update: Will BOTH v18 AND v19 updates be presented then?


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