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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by mkuron, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. guydavies

    guydavies Member

    I have to agree. This is a screwup of major proportions. I have also got a temporary key that is keeping me running after I upgraded from the previous betas. I tried installing the key supplied by element 5 (and paid for in £ sterling) and it rejected my old Avanquest supplied 2.x key.

    I have sent emails to order-support but nothing except the automated reply.

    I've also PMed Diana based on the post referenced early on in this thread but as yet no reply. There is *no* justification for the region specific keys. If people outside the US are forced to wait for their local version (not much localisation going on though) they are denied the early adopters' price.

    I'm more fortunate than many of the (very vocal) people on this forum in that my installation is working really well. I went through the pain during the beta ;-) I'm happy with the product, I just need the key and going for a refund via element 5 then paying an inflated price through Avanquest is not a solution I'm going to accept.

  2. OllyW

    OllyW Junior Member

    Sorry to hear that, I must have been lucky. I did send my first email at 1:05am, I was probably top of the pile.

    I imagine it is a very big pile now :D
  3. timadlr

    timadlr Junior Member

    I have to say there is no other tool that I know of, which more consequently ruins the Mac-experience than this stupid European-localization. After having experienced this stupidity (after all they don't even bother to explain to us WHY there are different version) I though that they might have learned from the experience. A load of users already complained in the 2.5 beta and RC days.

    When the discount option was available there was no doubt I was going to buy it. But if you again get f**ked as a legally paying user like this, you'd seriously have to consider stop buying.
  4. OllyW

    OllyW Junior Member


    If you are at the same situation as me and require a refund for the useless upgrade you have been sold you need to cancel your order at element5. There is a link to follow on the email sent when you purchased the upgrade under the heading Your order data:

    You need to log on with the details you registered with when you purchased the upgrade. There is an option to cancel the order, even though payment has been completed.

    I have only received an automated response so far, I'll report back if I see any real progress.
  5. samtoon

    samtoon Bit poster

    I just received an email from order-support@parallels.com that says this

    "Your old version is UK, you should wait for a little for release of UK
    version that accept US keys, meanwhile use trial"

    I replied asking when this version will be available and got the following reply

    "I suppose tomorrow ))"

    Make of that whatever you want! Does this mean the new version will be available tomorrow?

    I agree with the earlier posts that that should have made it clear that the upgrade they were selling would only work with keys from previous US versions. I didn't even know that the activation keys were different for the US and international versions.

  6. OllyW

    OllyW Junior Member


    They have told me there is no way you can update a UK version with a US key.

    I think they are just making it up as they go along.
  7. pogo

    pogo Junior Member

    Same here

    Same shoddy treatment here... I'm fuming - these rip-off merchants have nicked my £27.52 as far as I'm concerned. Even Microsoft don't sell you a *totally* non-working product!!!

    Do Parallels really think they can get away with this?

    I wonder if it's worthwhile kicking up a fuss on the net at large? Slashdot, BBC & Guardian tech blogs etc? Grumbles on resellers like amazon.co.uk?
  8. timadlr

    timadlr Junior Member

    Well, perhaps they are planning a UK-version that will accept the US uprade key for upgrading the 2.5 UK version to the 3.0 UK version. At least that is what they need to make us buyers somewhat happy.

  9. eddyk

    eddyk Member

    US upgrade key finally working with UK version

    As mentioned elsewhere, I was not able to update my UK Parallels 2.5 version with the update key bought on line.
    I installed 3.0 (4124) with a trial key and I have the pleasure to note that the new version of Parallels 3.0 (build 4128) now has accepted my upgrade key under "Help" "Activate Product..."

    Finally it works (and quite well for that matter).
    Very minor glitch: in the info window, version is still 4124

    Hope that for the other upgrades, Parallels engineers will stick to this solution.
  10. eStone

    eStone Bit poster

    US key works for me with UK version, too

    Why is there absolutly no information or reply from Parallels?? :confused:

    I tried it also to activate. And it worked with the upgrade key.
    Without entering the old 2.x key.
    Before it was not possible.
    And no answer on my support request or PN to Parallels team.

    But its too late. Some minutes ago, I wrote them (or Elements5) to cancel my upgrade order.
    Does anyone tried to cancel it, too?

    Fusion seems to be a quite good alternative :rolleyes:
    Sometimes, support is the key

  11. timadlr

    timadlr Junior Member

    Really, I'll have to try that tonight.

    After all, this no-info-policy really pisses me of. Thx to eddyk! I personally would never have tried such a thing!
  12. timadlr

    timadlr Junior Member

    I just tried this: Doesn't work. Even if I activate with a trial key first and then use the upgrade key. How did you do it? Are you sure, you own a UK version?
  13. guydavies

    guydavies Member


    I originally had a UK 2.x bought from Avanquest. I had a 3.0 trial. Then I made sure I'd downloaded build 4128 and activated. I was asked for the 3.0 upgrade key, then immediately I was asked for the original 2.x key.

    The usual warning to be careful with 1, I, O and 0 applies.


  14. timadlr

    timadlr Junior Member

    So, you installed the 4128 as always, not using any trial key? So after installing you used the 3.0 upgrade key to activate and after that used your 2.5 UK key to verify?

    Cause if so, I'd have to try again. How did you remove your 2.5 install?
  15. eStone

    eStone Bit poster

    I had a 2.x UK version from apple store.
    The activation with the first US upgrade 3.0 (4124) was not successfull.
    Requested a trial key to use the converted image.
    Yesterday loaded the 4128 and installed it as an update. No remove of the old version.
    Then the activation with the upgrade key worked. Without entering the 2.x key.
    Hope, it works for you also!
  16. mag

    mag Junior Member

    Sounds good.
    But, has anyone tried this with a german localized version?
    I wonder if this could be UK specific.
  17. sile007

    sile007 Bit poster


    It doesn't work with the german version.

    I'm frustrated, my trail key works for 5 days. And i didn't have an answer from parallels!
    I payed money for an activation key who doesn't work with the german version. :mad:

    What do i have to do? any ideas:confused:
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  18. bmeissner

    bmeissner Member


    Similar situation here. I bought 4 (!) preorder upgrades and didn't see any note, that it wouldn't work with my German version. Invoice from Digital River, Cologne, Germany, paid in Euros. Just to make it complete: I don't even find a German version to download...

  19. hschneider

    hschneider Pro

    I have also several customer requests who have bought an upgrade via parallels.com. Now they have 2 problems:

    1. They don't know if their key is valid for the german version. Their paymanent was accepted without any hint.
    2. There is currently no legal way here in germany to download a localized trial version in order to register.

    The main distributor here (avanquest.de) offers only versions to buy.

    You should drop this multiple licensing scheme .. this just generates additional support tickets and chaos ... :-/

    -- Harald
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  20. mkuron

    mkuron Bit poster

    Avanquest - Grace Period

    I purchased my German copy (from Avanquest through Unimall) of Parallels 2.5 after May 1st.
    I sent them an email with a copy of the order confirmation email (that's what their website says to do) on Thursday and still haven't heard anything back from them.

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