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    I have four 2X Application servers. I updated the primary server from 10.0 to the latest release 11.0 (build 1933). using the Primary server, I then issued a remote upgrade for the three other servers that I have. I am getting the below error message on 2XSVR3, and 2XSVR10. Can someone please help?

    2XSVR1 - Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition Service Pack 2
    2XSVR2 - Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
    2XSVR3 - Windows 2008 R2 Standard
    2XSVR10 - Windows 2008 R2 Standard

    Error Message:

    2XConsole.exe - Entry Point Not Found
    The procedure entry point VDISupportDefaultFolder could not be located in the dynamic link library VDIProvider.DLL.
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    I suggest you get in touch with 2X Support for further investigation.
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    I am still waiting on 2X support to get back to me.
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    For those running into the same issue support recommended doing an export of our configuration files and then doing an import of the configuration files to complete the upgrade process.

    When doing 2x Server upgrades to version 11 from 10 the process is the following:
    Upgrade first to 10.6.1558 with a clean up. Then over-install to version 11

    ******** no users on the 2x overall system, including RDP sessions**********
    2x console > file > export backup config file, (assumes a healthy 2x system)
    Back up any third party certs you might have been using on your 2x system.
    Certs found here on the 2x GW:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\2X\ApplicationServer\AppData\Gateways\
    C:\Program Files\2X\ApplicationServer\AppData\Gateways\
    Write down your 2x license key: 2x console > license . activate field.
    From the 2x console uninstall the TS agents on external 2x Servers
    2x Console > Farm > TS > remove TS agents on external servers.
    From the 2x console uninstall the GW agents on external 2x Servers.
    Uninstall 2x product from add remove programs.

    Clean up any 2x remnants on all 2x Servers:
    Remove the 2x Directory under the program files (Program Files and\or Program Files (X86) Sometimes you have to stop 2x services to delete all files, if they are still running in memory, also check the systray 2x monitor and exit it if it is running there.

    Run regedit and go to HKLM\Software, and remove the entire 2X key, also if there is the HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node key remove the 2X Key there.
    Reboot all the Servers

    On all 2x Servers :
    Turn off UAC permanently
    Firewall off
    AV off.
    Make sure there are no RDP users on any of the intended 2x Servers.
    Install the 10.6.1558 2xAppServer MSI on the Main Server where you want the management GUI

    Import your 2x config file : 2x console > file > import
    Then from the 2x console for each RDS and GW:
    2x console > farm > TS/RDS > highlight each TS/RDS and check agent.
    2x console > farm > GW > highlight each GW > check status
    2x console > license > reactivate license.

    Now overinstall 2x latest version 11 ( currently 11.0.1933)
    Then from the 2x console for each RDS and GW ( if the check agent window doesn't popup)
    2x console > farm > TS/RDS > highlight each TS/RDS and check agent.
    2x console > farm > GW > highlight each GW > check status
    2x console > administration > add more admins if you plan to have other admins log into 2x.
    2x console > license > reactivate license.

    After you do the installation if you need to run Antivirus , make sure to add the following exclusions on all 2x Servers.
    Exclusions are: the following

    2x Servers and 2x clients
    Folders and subfolders
    Program Files\2x
    Program Files(x86)\2x

    One file on 2x Servers :
    Some useful links:

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