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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by smj, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. smj

    smj Bit poster

    Just curious if anyone with upgrade protection has received the magic email containing their new activation key?

    If not have you had any luck requesting one directly from the Parallels support people?

    Seems pretty unfair to me that we're being made to wait for so long when it should be a simple matter to send us an email with our new keys
  2. James Bond 007

    James Bond 007 Hunter

    No, I have not received the key yet. I have asked about this directly and the response? To download the update!:mad:

    I can understand if I am told to wait for a little while, but not if my question was not answered!

    Anyway, I am in no rush to upgrade as 3188 works fine. But I expect to receive my 3.0 key in due course.

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  3. azumafuji

    azumafuji Bit poster

    No key here either.

    I haven't received the new key either. With all the issues people are having and the disconnect between what the web site is saying and what support is saying, this release seems a little rushed. With my lack of confidence in this release and buidl 3188 working fine for now, I'm not really in a rush to update.

    I have to say that VMWare is piquing my interest. I used VMWare Workstation on Windows and Linux and it is really a great product. If they bring the same level of performance and stability to the OS X product, Parallels may have some stiff competition and I may switch.
  4. darkone

    darkone Forum Maven


    ^^^ seems to indicate that maintenence customers will receive their keys within a week of GA release (which was last Thursday I believe)

    The stick at the top of this forums states :--

    Q: I bought Parallels Desktop during the last Christmas Holidays with the Upgrade Protection. And still I'm receiving and email about pre-order. Isn't I'm supposed to get all upgrades for free?
    A: We have sent pre-order announcements to all of our registered customers. If you have Upgrade Protection or Maintenance purchased you'll receive your Parallels Desktop 3.0 key for free as soon as it goes GA. If you have free upgrades purchased and ordered the product by mistake - feel free to contact us at order-support@parallels.com and our Customer Service will help you.

    So your right.. a little disconnection going on ;)
  5. David5000

    David5000 Pro

    By now it should be obvious to everyone that the company has some serious communication problems. Part of the problem is probably the fact that some in the company who interface with the public have limited English.

  6. Big_al

    Big_al Bit poster

    I still think it shouldn't take that long to sent up the upgrade keys, even if they don't know very good english.

    I've contacted order-support Sunday evening but so far the only thing I have received is an automatic answer with a case number.

    They are ignoring the existing upgrade protection group in favour of those who are now paying for the upgrade... that's all understandable if you are going for a good cash flow, but it's not nice to those of us who took them up on their offer end of last year.

    Not so nice. But from what I hear from performance on games, we shouldn't expect too much from it, most games work sluggishly if at all...
  7. Barbatto

    Barbatto Junior Member

    Still waiting for my key....
  8. David5000

    David5000 Pro

    You are right of course--the upgrade keys should have been promptly sent.

    My comment about English was just an attempt to explain why James Bond's direct question about receiving a key may have been answered with a non sequitur ("download the update").

  9. snodman

    snodman Member

    Still waiting for MY upgrade key..... Sounds like the old joke about the difference between an economic recession and depression. A recession is when your next door neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose yours. My 3.0 trial key turns into a pumpkin next week.......
  10. spectre

    spectre Parallels Team

    According to the information I have, the most of the Maintenance and Upgrade Protection users should start receiving their free keys now. Support also handles key exchange, but only in case if you haven't received the key automatically.
    I'd suggest you to wait for the end of this week for the email with the key, then start sending letters to support. Please remember that depending on the overall number of the requests we receive answering yours may take some time. Order-support@parallels.com is the best place to ask for the manual key exchange.
  11. jvgfanatic

    jvgfanatic Member

    Just chiming in here so I can track this topic. I keep reading 'customers who purchased during the Holiday Season' and mine was purchased in Februrary so I'm particularly wary of a 'late' key.
  12. snodman

    snodman Member

    My guess is since it is just a matter of generating a few thousand keys and logging them to each registered owner who qualifies, and then sending a cookie cutter email with a mail merge from the database - that the whole thing goes out at one time. The trick is to see if you got an email back when you first purchased Parallels that confirms you will get all updates and future versions free for a year.

    It said "This copy includes free Upgrade Protection for one year following the date of purchase, which entitles you to receive all major upgrades released during that timeframe at no additional cost. When a new major version is released, you will receive an email to the address you used to register the product that includes instructions on how to download and install the new version, and a permanent activation key that is compatible with the new version."
  13. Eru Ithildur

    Eru Ithildur Forum Maven

    I didn't receive one (or four actually) myself, but I will be getting in contact soon...
  14. Big_al

    Big_al Bit poster

    Okayyy - I'll be a good behaving mothers boy and wait till the end of the week to see if my upgrade protection key arrives.

    Spectre, thank you for replying to this thread.
  15. babacrash

    babacrash Bit poster

    I'm also waiting for this... but seeing all the problems appearing and being working on a PocketPC app under Visual Studio, I will probably wait the end of my project before upgrading... It is working quite well at the moment on my MBP.
  16. bstone

    bstone Bit poster

    One more,

    Asking for a 3.0 key with my December free upgrade policy reference, I got a bot response from Diana:


    Parallels Desktop 3.0 is a major upgrade for Parallels Desktop and it
    will work with the new 3.0 activation key that comes as separate
    purchase, either full version or upgrade version that is available for
    the owners of the previous Parallels Desktop versions. You can order
    Parallels Desktop 3.0 US version online on our website
    http://www.parallels.com or purchase at the nearest retail store when as
    soon as it is shipped.
    If you have ordered Parallels Desktop 3.0 key already and you are
    experiencing problems with activating the product, please send us your
    key for verification.

    Best regards,
    Parallels Customer Service

    So we are in the same coach driving to nowhere.

    See you soon,

  17. snodman

    snodman Member

    Well THAT was certainly not encouraging.:(
  18. wingdo

    wingdo Pro

    I'm certain this will get worked out. If not ... American Express will be hearing from me so I can get a refund.
  19. smartel

    smartel Bit poster

    Received my Upgrade Protection key


    just to let you know I received my Upgrade Protection key 2007-06-12 at 11:15PM GMT-5. Here is the e-mail:
    Dear Parallels Customer,

    Parallels is proud to announce the release of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, a new, upgraded version of our award-winning desktop virtualization solution!

    We are pleased to notify you that as Parallels Upgrade Protection Customer you are eligible for a free upgrade, which retails for $79.99.

    Click here to download your Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac (78.2Mb)

    Please use the following serial number(s) to activate your product(s):

    Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac comes packed with over 50 groundbreaking new features and enhancements, designed specifically to deepen OS integration and tighten security.

    With Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, you can:

    * Play Windows-only 3D games and run CPU-intensive graphics applications directly in your virtual machine
    * Automatically open Windows files with Mac applications and Mac files with Windows applications
    * Browse your entire Windows system, without launching Windows
    * Protect your VMs with Parallels Snapshots
    * And much more!

    Visit www.parallels.com for more details.

    The Parallels Team,
    Parallels, Inc.

    Parallels offers several attractive licensing programs for your business or academic institution. If you would like to find out more about these programs, or speak with an account executive about volume licensing from Parallels, please contact us at sales@parallels.com or +1 (425) 282-6400
  20. bstone

    bstone Bit poster


    Mine was in the box at 11:33 HAEC


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