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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by psyck01, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Now, I was looking into version 3.0 (I don't check this site often) and discovered (at http://www.postal-code.com/binarycode/) that you could somehow have received Upgrade Protection when you purchased Parallels. This guy actually received it FREE. I'm wondering first of all:
    a) how it was even an option to get Upgrade Protection (I bought my copy off-the-shelf)
    b) how you know if you got Upgrade Protection- the fact that this guy received it free leads me to wonder if I also received it without knowing.

    The people at Parallels seem to be telling people you had to pay to receive it, you had to order it separately, etc. As I said, this guy got it free when he ordered. What's the difference between his purchase and my purchase that he would get it and I wouldn't? The fact that he bought his 5 months later (I bought in August 06, and he bought in December 06)?

    Anyone know anything at all? I won't bother emailing, they haven't once replied to the half-dozen other emails I've sent them.
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    Everybody who ordered Parallels in December 2006 received free upgrade protection with it.
    So the person that ordered it in December was lucky and got his Upgrade protection for free and you don't have this Upgrade protection.
    (I ordered mine in August too, so I had the same problem) ;)

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