Upgrade to 10.2.2 (29105) just DESTROYED my Win10 Virtual Machine

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  1. AllanZ

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    I too was hosed by this, right in the middle of trying to push out a .NET application update for a client.
    You don't have to go through all this hoopla with tracking files, downgrading, reinstalling VMs etc. This is what I did:

    (I'm doing this from memory, so keep that in mind)

    1.) Shut down the VM, as in power off.
    2.) Mount the VM's disk and goto windows/system32/drivers
    3.) grab prl_tg.sys and prl_strg.sys and copy them to a safe place, then delete them from this directory.
    4.) Unmount the VM disk.
    5.) Fire up the VM, it will complain that it's broken, etc.
    6.) Prior to allowing the VM to restart in 'Diagnostic Mode', you will have 3 options: Continue, Troubleshoot, Turn off your PC. Choose Troubleshoot.
    7.) Goto 'Advanced Options' and I believe it's called 'Startup Options' (forgive me I don't have the screen handy anymore).
    8.) At this point, your VM will restart. POWER IT OFF before it's able to restart.
    9.) Mount the VM disk and copy those 2 files back to where they were (windows/system32/drivers)
    10.) Unmount the VM disk and power the VM up. It will continue into 'Diagnostic Mode'.
    11.) From the blue menu, Choose the option that says 'Disable driver signature enforcement', I believe it's option 7.
    12.) System will boot.

    Also, once booted, you can re-enable legacy boot options (so F8 will work, and you can do this without the mount, copy, delete, stuff) by opening a command prompt (as administrator) and entering:

    I hope this helps you guys. I know I was pretty ticked by this, and it could not have happened at a worse time. I hadn't committed the update to the repo, hadn't pushed the code to production, I was really hosed.

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  2. HumbertoL

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    Has parallels offered an official resolution to this issue yet? I know some people have been able to find a work around but I'm not computer literate enough to perform some of these fixes and don't feel comfortable trying it since this is my work machine and can't afford it not working now that I found an old copy of parallels. Not worth upgrading to parallels 10.2.2.
  3. Dishant@Parallels

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    Hello HumbertoL,
    The issue was with that particular build of Windows 10 technical preview. However now as the full product is already launched, we want to let you know that Parallels Desktop 10 is completely compatible with Windows 10 (complete product). If you were running the technical preview then I would suggest you to get the complete Operating sYstem of Windows 10 from Microsoft and and install it over your Parallels Desktop. In order to get the files back from the technical preview version, you can mount the hard disk of the previous Windows to the new one.
    Please refer to this link for more information: http://kb.parallels.com/122992
    The resolution in the article tells you to install a new technical preview and mount the hard disk of the previous VM but Microsoft has removed the link to download the technical preview from their website. So getting complete Windows 10 and installing it on Parallels Desktop and then mounting the hard disk is our only option now.
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    What do you meant by "mounting"? How is that done?
  5. @KonstamtinB1, to mount VM's disk please use the steps below:
    1. Shut your VM down
    2. Locate and open the .pvm folder (right click on the VM -> choose "Show in finder" -> right click on the VM folder and choose "show the package content")
    3. Then you will be able to find the VM's Hard drive (Name.hdd file)
    -> please right click on it and choose "open with" -> and choose Parallels mounter
    After this you will be able to find the Windows hard drive in the Mac Finder
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    I have had a terrible day yesterday. I followed AllanZ instructions. These work, however once you try to reinstall other software (I use windows only for a remote connection to the Italian Ministry of Justice; PCT - Processo Civile Telematico) the system crashes again. The only way to fix it with the Windows 10 Build 10074 is the following (I explain it for those who are not tech experts, rather only users, as I am):
    1. locate and save your Windows 10 Build 10074 download (in your Mac or on pen drive, it is ok);
    2. download Parallels Version 10.2.1 (use this link: https://www.cmacapps.com/of_files/download-full-cracked-parallels-desktop-10-for-mac-10-2-1/).
    3. save this file either on mac or pen drive
    4. delete your Parallels Version 10.2.2 (put it on trash and remove from trash, then reboot)
    5. Install Parallels Version 10.2.1
    6. Install Windows 10 Build 10074 .

    It should work.
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    Great solution AllanZ - thanks for this

  8. NormanB1

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    Wish I had known about this before I started the upgrade.

    On boot it tells you it has an issue with prl_tg.sys and locks the mouse.

    Pressing CTL and ALT releases the cursor and you can reset the VM. Do it twice and Windows restores the previous version. Now we need an update from Parallels.
  9. NormanB1

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    The driver is signed BUT with sha1 encryption. Don't they all have to be signed with sha2 by now? sha1 certificates are no longer issued by certifying authorities because all the big corporations (like Microsoft) agreed to stop them being used as the encryption was close to being hacked.

    My problem was installing the Anniversary update on a 32 bit Windows 10 Professional system. This update is dead in the water. I note that the 64 bit version of the prl_tg.sys file is signed with sha256. I haven't managed to update that VM as it is Windows 10 Enterprise and need a different update as the 'free' one doesn't work with it.
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