Upgrade to Mavericks yes / no? PD9 Known issues list?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Joshka, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Joshka

    Joshka Bit Poster

    I've seen a few reports of various issues with Mavericks 10.9 mentioned on these forums. Is there a Parallels desktop known issues list that would help me assess whether to install or wait until the kinks are worked out?
  2. Stefan P

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    I read a lot of problems regarding Mavericks and P8/P9 and today I gave them a try today. I did a full backup and I upgraded my iMac to Mavericks. Was fine. My Win7 on P8 was still running as fine. Then I upgrade to P9, being keen on the fullscreen features which was also fine without any glitches. Everything works so far, also Win7/P9 fullscreen on one or all monitors (I have two external monitors).
    Coherence is working, too. Machine is running for about 6 hours now. Hope this is continuing...

  3. avrhack


    Do USB devices work for you Stefan? For me all of the Devices menus are greyed out apart from already selected options, which means I can't connect or disconnect USB devices. It's an absolutely major killer for me and has completely stopped me working. How Parallels can have missed this in their testing is beyond me, unless of course it didn't existing in any of the developer versions or GM of Mavericks which I find hard to believe......
  4. Stefan P

    Stefan P Bit Poster

    Yes, USB is working, too.

    I am a embedded SW developer and relies on several devices connected via USB. I tested a couple USB2Serial converters from FTDI and other development boards and debuggers for my embedded stuff. Everything is working fine as with P8.

  5. Chris@Parallels


    Hi all,

    An update for Parallels Desktop 9 was released on October 28 to address some known issues. We always suggest updating to the most recent build.


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