Upgrade to Parallels 9 after OS x 10.9 update question...

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  1. Leebert


    Hi All,

    I recently updated my iMac to OS X 10.9 and, unfortunately, after I did this my version of parallels no longer works. I found my original invoice which states I downloaded version 6 originally but I'm pretty sure I upgraded to version 7. Is there a way of finding out what version I have?

    On the Parallels home page, it states that the Upgrade to v9 is for original versions 6 and above. but when I click on the link, it then states it's only for v7 and above. Which is correct? I don't want to purchase the upgrade if it doesn't work for me.

    Many thanks.
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    1. Open a Finder window
    2. Navigate to Applications (the main directory, not your user applications, if you have any)
    3. Select Parallels Desktop.app
    4. Get Info (Command-I)
    5. The Version information is in the General section of the Parallels Desktop.app Info window
    Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.40.54 AM.png

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