Upgraded to v14 Home, now experiencing buggy shared folder permissions

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by MikeK1, Sep 8, 2018.

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    I have Xubuntu Linux 18.04 installed as a guest OS, and am now experiencing the following problems after upgrading to Parallels 14:

    When copying files, particularly large ones from the guest OS to the host's folder, the file will copy so many megabytes before stating:
    'Error writing to file. Invalid argument. Do you want to skip it?'. If I select 'retry', and 'replace', it will successfully complete.

    Sometimes I will get the error: 'Error splicing file. Cannot allocate memory'

    Torrent-like applications give me 'invalid argument' after starting and downloading for a while.

    I can create small files and folders on the shared folder without a problem.

    However, when copying the same files from the host OS to the guest, I have no problems.

    More details:
    MacOS 10.13.6 is the host
    Xubuntu Linux 18.04
    The shared folder is a SDXC card formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), nothing special in way of permissions.
    Test file is about 1gb in size, though I also have problems with files as small as 250mb.

    Never had any problems with the same setup and configuration under Parallels 13.

    Please advise.
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    Since I haven't heard back on this, I'm going to have to downgrade back to version 13 until this is addressed.

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    Thanks for the useful information!

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