Upgrading to 3186 - Best Practices Instructions?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by TAllenSr, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. TAllenSr

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    OK, there are no Stickys, and I have done quite a bit of searching for this to no avail. So here is my question:

    Where are the instructions/best practices for upgrading my installation of Parallels Desktop for Mac (from 1970 to 3186)?

  2. JohnO

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    Excellent question.

    I've been waiting in the wings with a stable version of Windows XP running on v 1970. I'd especially like to understand the pro's and con's of using Parallels with my BootCamp partition.

    I'll likely never be able to completely remove the Bootcamp partition due to some software/hardware integration testing requirements, but I use it so rarely, (averaging less than once every two months for Bootcamp, compared to 3-4 hours of Parallels every day), I'd love to reclaim the disk space and eliminate the redundant copies of the OS and major applications (MS Office, etc.) that I have installed in both environments.

    Is there a Best Practices thread around?


  3. James Bond 007

    James Bond 007 Hunter

    The Parallels FAQ has instructions on how to upgrade Parallels Desktop:

    This is what I have done to upgrade from 1970 to 3186:
    (1) Download 3186 (about 57MB)
    (2) Run the uninstall in the 1970 DMG to uninstall 1970
    (3) Restart the computer (even though the install does not tell you to)
    (4) Open the 3186 DMG and double click on "Install Parallels Desktop" to install 3186
    (5) Restart the computer (even though the install does not tell you to)
    (6) Open a VM in Parallels 3186
    (7) Once your VM boots into Windows (I use Windows XP and Windows 2000), uninstall the previous version of Parallels Tools using the Add/Remove Programs option in Control Panel
    (8) Reboot the VM
    (9) Install the new version of Parallels Tools
    (10) Reboot the VM
    (11) If everything goes right, you will be able to use the new features such as Coherence
    (12) Repeat for other Windows VMs you may have

    Hope this may help.


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