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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by HamishW, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. HamishW


    So I have a MacBook Air, with Parallels Desktop 7 installed. I am running Windows XP on it.

    I have just bought a new MacBook Pro, and transferred everything over. I've bought a copy of Windows 8.

    I want to only pay an 'upgrade' price for changing to a later version of what I already have, but apparently I can't upgrade from PD 7 to 10, which is the current version, without paying the full price. If I had PD 9 however, I apparently can upgrade free to PD 10.

    But I cannot find anywhere how to upgrade from PD 7 to PD 9. Every link I click on on this website or an internet search, which is showing as a link to PD 9, just takes me to a PD 10 page.

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase, at the 'upgrade' price, a version of PD 9?
  2. EkaterinaZ

    EkaterinaZ Parallels Team


    Parallels always sells only the latest version of the software. With the release of Parallels Desktop 10 Parallels stopped selling version 9.

    If you would like to buy version 9, please contact software resellers or check in your local software stores, if this version is still available. Make sure you buy the copy from an authorized reseller, not an individual or a small software store with unknown reputation.

    And you are right, if you purchase Parallels Desktop 9 and install it now, you will get version 10 for free.

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