Upgrading Vista VM to Windows 7

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by DonovanD, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. DonovanD

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    Can someone please advise on the process for upgrading an existing Vista VM to Windows 7? I am using the latest build of PD4 for Mac. I have searched the Parallels forums and web for hours and have not found a single reference to this process. Am I missing something? Thanks,

  2. Lawrence Keyes

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    Start Vista
    Put your windows 7 upgrade CD in the drive.
    If it doesn't auto-run, then open the CD in Windows explorer and run setup.
  3. IsraelL

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    Vista to Seven

    Upon trying to upgrade Vista to Windows 7, Windows informed me that this can't be done "Dave". So I had to go back to XP and do a clean install. Then I had to install all the old applications again. I was able some how to get Windows to transfer my old data. Don't know who to blame - Parallels or MS. ( This act to 2 days!!!). And Windows 7 is still a piece of s----. Try to find the control panels... yes I know all have to is type "control panels" in the find box. Any Classic view?
  4. mwratten

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    Upgrade to Windows 7 failed.

    I have just upgraded from Vista to Win 7 on a Bootcamp partition on a MacBook Pro. Win 7 works fine booting from Bootcamp, will will no longer boot from Parallels. I tried deleting and recreating the VM, but it still won't boot. I'm getting a STOP: 0x0000007B messages, which appears to be something to do with the disk controller, but I have not made any changes. Any clue how to proceed from here?

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