Upgrading XP --> sp2 in parallels 3.0 ?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by momomac, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. momomac

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    I have used my win XP prof. edition 2002 disc to install the vm on my macbook pro.
    Because that's the only copy of win xp that i have.
    Now it installs nicely and my few pc-programs seem to work.
    However. Updating XP turns out to be impossible.
    It updates and installes many patches perfectly, until it wants to upgrade to SP2.
    It downloads, and installs (for a while) and it all looks good, but then it suddenly errors with the message "Invalid Data" and immediately begins uninstalling the SP2 installation. (thanks for restore points !)
    This now happened twice. The first time after uninstalling the VM begann to blue screen (!) so i uninstalled all of winXP and Parallels and reinstalled the whole thing from scratch.
    This time the restore point seems to have worked and the pre-sp2 installation seems working. But i sure got the message that win was only updated partially and may not work properly.

    Anyway. Is this a known problem or do i have to do something for an upgrade of win xp?
    I am not even sure if it is a parallels issue.

    well, any advice greatly appreciated.

  2. fbronner

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    Try downloading the full patch from microsoft before doing the install.

    Go to MS site and look for the network install version of the patch. It should be big. Download it, and then you'll be able to install it more easily.
  3. Bone WSO

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    How about upgrading XP to sp2 using the CD?

    I have the original SP2 upgrade CD from Windows (Not OEM). Can a plain Jane XP VM installed via Parallels be updated with the CD?

  4. Xenos

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  5. litedesign

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    I have the same problem when I try to upgrade to SP2.

    When I try to use windows update, I get the error <The instruction at "0x77f551c0" referenced memory at "0x0000000" The memory could not be "read".>

    When I try to use the network installer download from Microsoft, I simply get the error <Invalid Data> during the install process.

    There are several threads regarding this issue and I am astonished that there is no clean-cut fix for this problem!!
  6. litedesign

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    After much frustration, I was able to successfully install SP2 by booting into safe mode, and running the downloaded network installer in safe mode.

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