Urgent Service Notification #1 for Parallels Desktop 10 Users - El Capitan email

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RobertWise, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. RobertWise

    RobertWise Bit Poster

    I purchased PD10 shortly after release in 2014. I was under the impression that Parallels supported their product for 2 years from release. The email I received from Parallels today whilst emphasising I will still be able to use PD10 with El Capitan the pledge comes with a number of caveats. Given this email and the fact El Capitan offers little I am interested in over Yosemite, I won't be bothering to upgrade OS X this time around.

    email from Parallels - OS X El Capitan - Coming September 30 Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac will run on OS X El Capitan (10.11) as long as you are on the latest update; however it is not optimised or enhanced for El Capitan. You will NOT be able to drag and drop files from Windows to Mac or use Windows Applications in full screen*. To enjoy an El Capitan optimised version of Parallels Desktop, please upgrade to Parallels 11 Desktop for Mac.

    Not amused by Parallels CS.
  2. FedericoI

    FedericoI Bit Poster

    I received the email described above too. I purchased Parallels 10 in mid-June and after only three months I discover that some of the important features will not be supported by OS X El Capitan (10.11). I won't be bothering to upgrade OS X, too. Not think it's fair towards customers.
  3. AlainF1

    AlainF1 Bit Poster

    Hope that parallels is going to release a fix really soon the had several month to fix the software
    If parallels think that not fix it would push me to upgrade they are wrong, if this this is paralles policy i'm better looking to some competitor
  4. ghtop

    ghtop Bit Poster

    Remember to follow the asterisk in that email to the tiny text underneath - no drag&drop and full screen in Coherence mode, otherwise works just fine. I'm afraid that this is just another rather sad attempt from their sales department to force you to upgrade by making the situation out to be worse than it is. Remember the popup that insisted that Parallels 9 wouldn't work on Yosemite?

    Otherwise El Capitan is a pretty good point upgrade for OS X that boosts performance quite a bit, I'd recommend it if you don't care about coherence mode.
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  5. AlainF1

    AlainF1 Bit Poster

    no drag & drop is a big problem, same for full screen
    if a i have to use something that doesn't make things easier i can just go with virtual box that i free, no more yearly upgrade price
  6. RobertWise

    RobertWise Bit Poster

    So the issues mentioned in the email only apply to Coherence mode then - thanks for the heads up. I don't think I've ever used Coherence mode in the 5 years I have been using Parallels so if these issues only apply to CM then it's not an issue for me.
  7. sgniwder

    sgniwder Bit Poster

    can someone supply the link in the asterisk? I did not receive the email...? I have upgraded one of my systems to El Capitan and the no drag and drop from Windows to Mac is a little frustrating. I only use coherence, so this will likely affect my upgrade decision on my other system. What does no full screen mean? on my El Capitan system Parallels appears to open windows apps in full screen mode and coherence to the full display. Perhaps I'm missing something?
  8. DavidW6

    DavidW6 Bit Poster

    I can't get Windows 10 to run on a Retina iMac under Parallels 10 and El Capitan.
    I get the usual Win 10 starting screen and 4 paned squares, then they vanish and the screen mode blank. Nothing more.
  9. Maria@Parallels

    Maria@Parallels Parallels Team

    Guys, please provide us with the step-by-step instruction in order to reproduce the issue on our side.
    Also please generate the problem report using this KB and reply us back with the report ID.
  10. HaroldB1

    HaroldB1 Bit Poster

    This is not an "Urgent Service Notification." It's a sleezy attempt to coerce me into buying a new subscription version with reduced capabilities. If I could find a competitive upgrade for VMware I'd jump ship even if it cost me more money. I don't appreciate being treated like a chump. I won't be upgrading to Parallels 11 unless they change their policies and approach to marketing.
  11. MobyR

    MobyR Bit Poster

    So, I had a question here as I really want to upgrade to El Capitan for the performance improvements and possibly buying the new Magic Trackpad 2.

    If I NEVER use Coherence mode and I never drag and drop between mac and windows but instead I use copy and paste would I have any issues with Parallels 10 and El Capitan ?

    I always use my Windows 8 in View Full Scren/Use All Displays in Full Screen mode and I find that works really well.
    Coherence has an unacknowledged problem I have raised with Parallels but unfixed. If you have lots of little windows inside Coherence they are not always live updating so if you have constantly refreshing information in some of those windows you have to click on the individual little window to see the latest information. It was the big reason I stopped using Coherence and will never use it again.

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