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  1. TomW6

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    Since PD12, Parallels no longer works properly across multiple monitors, and is about as useful as not having any multi-monitor support at all. With "Displays have seperate Spaces" unchecked, you get one "virtual monitor" per physical monitor, spread across multiple spaces. In other words, it's completely unusable. With "Displays have seperate Spaces" turn on, which parallels dictates is the "solution" - despite most multi-monitor users much preferring this to be turned off for their workflows - the situation is not much better. Switching Spaces in this circumstance obviously only switches the Space on whatever monitor has focus; the other monitor retains one of VM's virtual monitors. Clicking into this an attempt to change spaces on that monitor also, results in Parallels changing back to both virtual monitors in both spaces, making it unnecessarily difficult to changes all spaces away from the VM. In other words, it's a mess and immensely frustrating.

    As it stands Parallels is simply not usable on multiple monitor setups. Even when you relegate your VM to one monitor, with "Displays have seperate Spaces" turned off, all other monitors appear black, and it's not possible to have the VM fullscreen on one monitor, and other applications simultaneously on the other monitors. So whether or not you're using the "Use all displays in Full Screen" option on the VM, the situation is just as hopeless.

    A solution needs to be found, especially given how much better Parallels 11 and earlier was when using multiple monitors.

    These are just some of the users experiencing this issue who have commented on these two threads:

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    Hands up vote on this. I have dual large screen monitors and 4 spaces. One dual screen is for Windows mode. The others are for mail, browsing, ...
    I do not want to mix windows and Mac, I want them separate and I want to interact with both screens and easily ctrl arrow out when needed.

    I will not upgrade to PD12 or PD13 until this is working again. I purchased PD12 but I downgraded as this is a deal breaker.
  3. NeilL2

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    Hi Tom, interested to read your posting. I'm new to all this but thought I'd share. Just installed PD13 Pro with Windows 10VM on MacMini host with two displays
    (2560x1024) and (1920x1080). It seems as though I have a different experience as I can have the VM (e.g. in full screen) on one screen whilst still seeing my open mac applications on the other.

    I was disappointed after installation to find that multi-display functionality was not included though - so I think I share your frustration there - as was hoping to run two PC programs on the VM both at full screen on two separate displays. Hearing that this used to be possible in earlier versions gives me hope however that this may be a re-introduced feature down the line (too naive perhaps)?

    Sorry not to be able to offer a solution to your problem though...
  4. TomW6

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    Thanks for mentioning that, because you've touched on the only circumstance where fullscreen behaves as you'd expect. If you only want to make the VM fullscreen on a single monitor AND you have "Displays have seperate Spaces" turned on under System Preferences, then it that specific circumstance, it works as you'd expect. If however you want to use a VM over multiple monitor, OR you prefer to have "Displays have seperate Spaces" turned off as I'd imagine most power users would, then unfortunately Parallels offers no reasonable solution.
  5. TxAg

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    So far Parallels 11 is working for me in High Sierra. I'd rather not have to switch to VMWare Fusion as 8.5 leaves a few things to be desired BUT it does support multiple monitors properly. As soon as PD11 no longer functions in the latest MacOS, I'll have to drop it assuming the Parallels development team hasn't already fixed this issue by that time.

    I am eagerly awaiting Fusion 10 to see if I can drop PD11 altogether and move forward with a platform that is being actively developed. All Parallels has to do is add the custom fullscreen checkbox from PD11 to PD12 or PD13 and my problem would be solved. Why they haven't done so boggles my mind.
  6. VenkR

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    Echoing TxAg.

    To be clear to the Parallels team, there are no circumstances under which my firm or I personally (or I imagine many others here) will continue to be Parallels customers if this isn't fixed before PD11 is no longer supported. Do not expect that we will "deal with it" if you choose not to solve the problem and stop supporting the last working version. It won't happen. Period.

    Unlike some others here, our business is an unfortunate subscriber, which means we have been paying for (now) two versions that we cannot use. For now, we're using PD11 to avoid the friction of a switch, but at some point, it becomes irresponsible for us to operate on two-generations-old software. I have already instructed our firm's IT team to start planning for a Parallels exit, as we haven't seen any recognition that this is a problem Parallels is willing to even acknowledge, let alone solve.

    Show us you give a crap that your loyal customers (almost 9 years running, some here I am sure have been longer) are going to leave because you are deaf to our needs - not new feature requests, but simply bringing back a user-required feature you used to have. Please stop ignoring the problem - if you include the fact that you made this same mistake in the first release of Parallels 11 and then had to revert to including the old full-screen mode after receiving many complaints (see, you've done it before!), it's been going on for years now.
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  7. StefanW6

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    Does the Parallels team even read here? It would seem like they DO NOT. This has now been a major issue for over a YEAR!
  8. JanVis

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    Nope, same problem. Every application using the macOS Fullscreen API has this exact problem.

    What they should create is another mode: a fake fullscreen mode. In this mode it should show a window that is as big as one of the screens and does not have window decorations. Or maybe just an option to remove the screen decoration. That would solve the problem.
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  9. michaela14

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    A solution needs to be found, especially given how much better Parallels 11 and earlier was when using multiple monitors.

    Quite so !!!
    How can one fall back behind it's own level way so far ??
    The new v13 behavior is just ridiculous. You really think, my idea is to have 8 space of which 4 are Parallels.
    "Monitors use different spaces" is a NON-option - already in macOS - AND it does not work either.
    How about my second monitor ? That is the one that full screen should use as part of the same space.
    How come v11 knew it all ?
    This is a sad story.
  10. frederick_wittber

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    My partnership has 29 copies...all stuck on PD11 due to this issue. Losing perfectly functional features in an 'upgrade' is frustrating at best. To echo prior messages, if PD11 support is dropped, we will have to pursue other options--as the current 'workaround' is unusable in any practical way. As an unhelpful aside, the constant barrage of emails and reminders that we are 2 versions behind is tantamount to jeering at this point.
  11. StefanW6

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    Apart for the notorious ignorance about the multi-monitor issue, they just introduced some MAJOR bugs with the latest version which now have prompted our business to cancel the subscription. Two full versions in and the monitor issue not fixed, plus now it has become completely unusable for the most part. Just look at this video of a macbook pro running High Sierra and PD13. Win7 running full screen and a USB device is plugged in. The left swipe is SUPPOSED to switch to Mac OS.
    Just look and be amazed at what you have to go through to connect a USB device !!!!!!!!


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